18 Feb 10

Seiko's Diary – An Inspir ...


Seiko’s Diary is a blog that really interests me. She’s a Filipina mom living in Japan, successfully raising three lovely daughters, making her husband happy, and making a career for herself – a dual career at that.

Just reading her blog it’s obvious that she’s passionate about her three daughters. They are the apple of her eyes, the love of her life. I always read her Mommy Moments entries which always has interesting stories about her daughters, her views on parenting, and how much she loves them.

Aside from her daughters, she’s also passionate about her cooking. How else can she cook delicious looking food like Relyenong Manok with Cheese.

Finally, Seiko talks about her 20+ years of marriage with her beloved Japanese husband. I secretly admire how they’ve kept their marriage strong despite coming from so different backgrounds.

Seiko’s Diary is testament of a mother’s undying love and devotion to her family and also a love story that crosses all borders. I will recommend it to young moms like me. They would surely get some valuable tips peppered around her in posts.

17 Feb 10

Anak ni Kulapo ...


Judging by the title it wouldn’t take you more than a minute to guess that the author of I am Buraot and Anak Ni Kulapo are the same. I don’t blame him for having blogs in both Filipino and English – he can write so well in both languages! The posts I read were such a treat that I have one message to Buraot. Buraot, if you have a blog in German just tell me and I would study that language just to be able to read your posts. hehehe

A warning though because this blog is not for the kids. If you have kids in your house don’t forget to lock your PC during bathroom breaks while you’re having Anak ng Kulapo post reading marathon. Take for example, his Valentine’s post. While everyone is posting Happy Valentine’s glittery messages he wrote I Like Da Way You Think. It might not be kid-friendly but it’s definitely husband and wife friendly. hehe

Anak ni Kulapo is really worth reading. He’s the only one who can get away with posts like Heto Ang Sayo. He had such a unique way of giving out links that I laughed so hard. My stomach is still aching until now.

16 Feb 10

I am Buraot – No, I'm not ...


Yes, I’m going to attempt to review I am Buraot. One of the most popular Filipino blogs in the blogosphere.  He is after all the one who developed the popular, Entredropper, which I remember using at one point. He has now trimmed down his list, by the way, and is adding new blogs who wants to join the list. (This reminds me that I need to add all my blogs again once I get about putting the codes.) I feel so proud that a fellow Filipino has developed the Entredropper. It really helped a lot of bloggers in marketing their blogs.
So what does Buraot means? I didn’t know it at first but soon found out it means being impatient. His tagline is also an eye-grabber, “A Day in the Life of an Antisocial.” Although both the title and the tagline seem negative, I think he’s only being humble. I feel that he is actually a nice person judging by the people who are fans of his blog. If he claims he is an antisocial, his blog certainly doesn’t reflect it.
The more I read the more I realized what a sensitive soul the author of I am Buraot is. You should really check out his popular posts. His My Girl post brought tears to my eyes because I certainly can relate. I was a young girl once separated from her father. I’m all grown up now but I wish my father is as eloquent as he was in writing down his feelings. I’m sure when his little girl grows up and read this post tears would be rolling down her eyes.