05 Jun 10

Pakbet or Pinakbet Recipe ...

I remember Pakbet or Pinakbet from my childhood days.  I was not a fan of vegetables when I was younger but for some reason I couldn’t resist this mishmash of different vegetables made yummy with bagoong.  I remember my grandma told me that the true Pakbet doesn’t have squash but squash is our favorite vegetable so of course we have to put it.


1/4 k pork

2 pcs eggplants

1/4 squash

1 bundle okra

1 bundle string beans

onion, garlic, tomatoes

1 piece ampalaya

2 tablespoon bagoong alamang

Heat oil in a cooking pan and saute onion, garlic, and tomatoes.  Add pork and cook until half cooked.  Put the bagoong and cook until it is dark red.  Add the vegetables that are hard to cook like the squash and string beans and stir in bagoong so it will absorb the flavor.  Pour the water and let it boil.  Before the squash and string beans are cooked pour in the rest of the vegetables.  Let boil then add salt to taste.  Do not overcook the vegetables.