02 Feb 10

Work at Home Mom in the Philippines ...

Work-at-Home Mom in the Philippines. That’s what “WAHM sa Pinas” means. I’m so happy being able to work at home and earn while watching my son grow up so that’s why I decided to put up this blog.

Being a Work-at-Home Mom in the Philippines is definitely not easy. Finding work can be difficult because unlike in the US where telecommuting is already quite a norm, in our country there are only a handful of companies that offer telecommuting jobs. Although it’s not a slice of cake finding homebased jobs from Philippine-based companies we are still fortunate because the internet allowed us to seek for work opportunities from other countries.

I have not always been a Work-at-Home Mom. I was a call center agent three years ago but I quit because I felt it was not right for a mother to leave his son with the care of someone else. That has been always my opinion since the beginning that’s why I resigned from work when I was about to give birth to my son. I took care of him from birth but when he was 10 months old I was forced to go back to work because of financial constraints. Working away from home was not easy and I was constantly racked with guilt every time he cries when I’m about to go to work. I blamed myself for being weak and not being able to balance my work and my family just like every mother I know so I refused to¬† give up my work.

Then something happened that made me realize my son needed me and me alone and not a yaya to raise him. A year after I started working again he got hospitalized for pneumonia. He has never been sickly and never got sick the entire time I was taking care of him. He was confined for a week while I still continued working. Then a month later we went back to the doctor and was told that he was in the danger of getting hospitalized again. That was when I decided to give up my work once and for all.

Working-at-home became a dream a year after being a stay-at-home mom. I was happy being with my son all the time but my mind crave for mental stimulation. Of course, we also could use the extra money to spend at home. I wanted to find work through the internet but I personally didn’t know anyone back then actually working at home and earning a decent income. Then last March 2008 with the blessing of my husband we had internet installed in our home and I started looking for an online job.

I thank God for that day because now I’m a happy WAHM! I get to experience the best of both worlds – earning while staying at home and being there whenever my husband or my son needed me. Life is not perfect as there is still the constant balancing act that I need to do every day but it can never dampen the fact that I was able to achieve my dream. Yes, being a WAHM is my dream job and as long as there are opportunities for mothers like me I would forever be this way.