Happy Macbook Owner

A month ago I was frantically searching for affordable laptop computers online. My Gateway laptop was already four years old and I felt it was time for it to retire. Most importantly, I thought I really deserved a new one after all my hard work. Anyway, I had a rough time searching because I wanted to stick within a certain budget. As a mom it’s just natural for me to be extravagant for my kids’ needs but be frugal with mine.

I realized how wrong my decision was after I was stuck with a defective netbook. In the first place, the netbook although handy and portable was not durable enough for a serious online worker like me. Within a few hours of using the track pad was already showing signs of defect. We got a refund after a month and by then I marched straight to the Mac store to buy a Macbook pro. It was the best decision I made I tell you. It has exceeded my expectations and I have been working happily ever since.