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09 Aug 10

Mom and Baby Care Seminar at Rustan& ...

I still have my gift certificate at Rustan’s which I like to use asap and I would surely benefit from this seminar so I hope I can go here.  The problem is my schedule is super packed.  We’re going to sleep over at my Dad’s on Friday night and I don’t know how to go to Makati from there.   Plus I have a five-year old tagging along.  Is it still a good idea for me to go?

23 Jul 10

Riding the PNR Train ...

We’re going away for two days!  Last week, we rode the PNR train for the first time and later this morning we’re doing it again.  I tell you I’m loving the PNR train.  Imagine, we can go to Caloocan in as short as an hour.  We don’t have to sit through traffic and we don’t have to pay a lot for a comfortable trip either.  The train is fully airconditioned and everything is clean.  The only thing I can ask is that they get more trains  as a lot of people are already using this mode of transportation.  I don’t blame them because this train is really a gift to us commuters.  Thank you, PNR!

05 Jul 10

A Day of Errands ...

Monday is hubby’s rest day so it’s also errand day for us.  While hubby accompanied Z to school I quickly took a bath and prepare for the long day ahead.  First stop was the laboratory so I can get the lab tests recommended by my midwife.  I had to get a lab test for CBC, urinalysis, and Hepa-B.  It was quick and easy with no waiting involved.

In less than 30 minutes we were on our way to the next destination.

Next stop was bill payment.  We had to ride a jeep to go there but the ride was quick to.  We arranged to have our monthly payment picked at our house every month so we don’t have to go all the way to their branch to pay.  On the way home we satisfied our cravings with a scoop of ice cream.