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08 Dec 11

Our First Out-of-Town Trip ...

Aside from being a work-at-home mom I am also a homeschooling mom. My son and I began our homeschooling journey last May. It was more difficult than I expected. I almost gave up but my son really wanted to continue so we went on to the next level. We ordered our next set of materials from School of Tomorrow. It will keep us busy for another 6 months. This time around instead of answering five pages for each subject per day we will go the slow route and start with 3 pages per day. This is so we can have time for other activities like doing art and storytelling.

What I like about our homeschooling is we are free to go away on vacation any time we want. If ever we wanted to get those caribbean all inclusive packages I saw online we can without fear of missing school. We can do it while on vacation or just work double time when we arrive home. We are actually set to go on a vacation this January. It’s an 8-day vacation in the beautiful island of Bohol. It’s also our first out-of-town trip as a whole family so we’re pretty excited.

02 Jul 11

Wave Pool at Splash Island ...


The pool was so big at Splash Island. The wave was so powerful too. The only downside is the wave is not turned on the whole day but only at certain times. Too bad we didn’t know this from the start. If we did we shouldn’t have had stayed at the wave pool the whole time it was turned on.

My eldest enjoyed it but my youngest was trying very hard not to cry. Holding him is my mom and it was her idea to bring our 4 month old baby in the wave pool. LOL! Anyway, I’m glad my two boys were very brave. I can’t wait to go back swimming again.

02 Jul 11

Our Favorite Summer Activity ...

We traded our eotech with swimming gears last April. It was such a hot day so it was a good time to swim at the pool. Splash Island is a popular resort with giant slides, a river, and a big pool with waves.  There were so many people but the place was so big that we didn’t feel the crowd at all. Swimming is the best activity in the summer and it’s even better if you have your family with you.


The one in the background picture shows how big the slides were. We were nervous at first but it was all worth it in the end.

02 Jul 11

Accommodation at Splash Island ...

We took a break from our busy schedules last April to go swimming at Splash Island. Since it was summer and there was a promo going on there were lots of people. So it took a while for us to find an empty nipa hut. We almost gave up and would have settled for the monobloc chairs but good thing hubby saw the last empty hut. He immediately grabbed it and we were saved from an afternoon stay under the trees. The cost for a small hut like this is P300 which I think was a good deal. We brought along our baby who is only 4 months then and this made our stay more comfortable.


25 Feb 11

Our Lesson in Car Maintenance ...

My husband is very particular with the maintenance of our car.  He has experienced being stuck in the middle of the road because the clutch malfunctioned.  I still remember that Sunday morning, we were also in the car with him when he said he couldn’t get the gear to change places. We had to step down and two MMDA men walked to us. They offered to help by pushing the car to a nearby parking. Unfortunately, we met a second accident while they were pushing and struck a pole.

In times like this, I wished we had gone to Houston auto repair sooner to have our car checked.  Good thing my stepdad was there to help us.  He was able to make it work even without a clutch and drive to his shop.  They replaced one of the parts of the clutch and they also restored the damaged door.  He advised us to have our car checked regularly including the timing belt and the water pump. We are now more diligent in maintaining it and has learned that the saying, “Prevention is better than cure,” applies to cars too.


16 Jan 11

Want to Spend a Vacation? ...

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation with your loved one but haven’t had time to do so? Perhaps your partner has already complained about you not spending a lot of time with him or her and you would want to make it up with that person. If this is the case, a vacation to a nice destination should be the answer.

The problem, however, is because you are very busy with other commitments, you cannot find time to arrange all things needed. This includes the place you and your loved one would be staying, the places to visit and so on. Do not fret as many companies are offering Outer Banks rentals to help people like you who are very busy, find a great place to stay. An Outer Banks vacation house is a great choice because it is well located and may even have a nice beach view.

01 Nov 10

Myrtle Beach Vacation Destination ...

If you want to go on a vacation then try going to Myrtle beach. Myrtle beach is a popular vacation destination because of its pristine beaches. Aside from the beaches, there are also the Myrtle Beach best hotels which tourists like to visit.

I was interested in visiting Myrtle beach that’s why I checked out this website, I would like to visit the Myrtle Beach hotel that is located in the ocean front. That way we will waste no time going to and fro the beach. My son has never gone to the beach before and I have been dying for him to see one. I’m sure we will have a grand time playing in the sand, making sand castles, and trying to outrun the waves.

Aside from the beach, I also heard there are golf courses nearby. Would you believe I have never tried playing golf my whole life?  Well, that’s the truth so I would like to grab this chance in playing in some of the best golf courses in the world.

I can’t wait to go to Myrtle Beach.  This would be a great place for the whole family to have fun.

27 Oct 10

Chateau Royale, Batangas ...

At Chateau Royale in Batangas. It boasts of a mini-zoo, a pond, playground, a mini-theater, and a swimming pool.

27 Oct 10

First Spaceport Opens ...

Now it is possible to travel to outer space.  Virgin Galactic opens first commercial spaceport in New Mexico.  Of course, this is only for the rich because of its hefty price tag of $200,000.  Hmm, I wonder what work-at-home job I can engage in to be able to afford that amount. LOL!  It would have been nice to see Earth from outer space.  Anyway, maybe I’ll win the lotto tomorrow and I can afford the tickets next week.  Okay, you can wake me up now. hehe

15 Oct 10

Team Outing ...

My husband is going on a team outing tomorrow. He was supposed to go to a gig after work but when I told him about the horrendous traffic in Ortigas that I have been hearing about online, he changed his mind and just went home to rest. Tomorrow, after work he and his team will be going straight to Laguna for their team building. So tonight, I prepared all the things he would need for their outing. Since it’s only a one-night event I didn’t have to prepare much – just a few clothes, soap, and shampoo. I didn’t prepare any cigarillo because he is not a smoker but he requested for his PSP so he can play on the way. I can count in one hand the number of times we have been apart since we were married so we’ll definitely miss him. Too bad we can’t go but we respect that it’s their team’s time to bond with each other so we’ll just stay at home.  Z has exams the next week so we better use the time while he’s away to study.