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10 Jan 14

Gusher Pumps ...

Nowadays use of computer in not impossible for young ages and adult. It only takes one browse, one minute to find a something in the internet. Like me I browse the net when I’m badly in need of pump and I found right away a gusher pump. This is one advantages of having an internet at home, it’s so easy for me as a mom of 2 kids, and I don’t spent time going to one store to another to find things that we need.

24 Feb 12

How To Build a Website ...

One of the most daunting thing I had to learn when I started blogging was to learn how to build a website. I started with a free platform but as time went by I realized if I want to earn more I had to host it myself. So I learned how to purchase a domain name and how to set up my web host. I then had to figure out how to connect my blog to my web host. Installing WordPress confused me in the beginning but through Fantastico I found out that it was easy peasy.

In the end, I realized that building a website is pretty easy. It may look hard and confusing at first but if you’ve done it once you’ll know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing to be afraid of and it can be done by even those with no previous experience of making a website.


20 Dec 11

Why I Bought a Macbook Pro and Why i ...

I realized I never told you the story why I bought my beloved Macbook Pro. My first plan was to buy a cheap netbook I did my research and chose the Asus 1215B. Hubby’s friend has one and he said he has no problem with it. And because I wanted to save money and I wanted something that is portable and light I went ahead and purchased the Asus 1215B.


It was a decision I regretted terribly. On the first day I started using it the touchpad was already failing. I damaged my wrist a few months ago which meant I couldn’t use a mouse so I really needed for the touchpad to work. It failed a couple of times and the more I used it the problem became worst so we returned it.

Ultimately, we got it refunded and the day we collected the check bought myself a Macbook. It was quite an upgrade compared with the Asus netbook but it was really worth it. The Macbook Pro’s touchpad is so unbelievably smooth that I swear it cured my hurt wrist. I read somewhere that you got to splurge on things that you will use often. It’s so true because I get to appreciate it every day that I’m using it. Thank God I got a second chance. If the netbook didn’t have any defect then I wouldn’t know what I’m missing. :)

18 Aug 11

Ipod Touch Uses ...

For my husband’s 31st birthday I bought an Ipod touch. It was the first Apple product we ever had. We were curious about all the attention Apple was getting and we wanted to be able to try it first hand.

It has been six months since I bought it and I think it’s time to give our verdict. The Ipod has a lot of uses but primarily we use it for checking our emails. Sometimes it’s a drag to turn on the PC or the laptop and the Ipod has proved really convenient in checking our mail and of course our Facebook accounts.

For music, my husband attaches it to the car stereo via USB. We found out that to add music we have to download Itunes first which is a drag to tell you the truth. That means we can’t just add music whenever we want from any PC. What I

The camera, although it’s only VGA, has proved to be useful in catching some candid pictures of our kids which we can upload to Facebook through Wifi in an instant. We can also capture a video in HD but since our memory is limited we don’t do this too much.


Although it has many uses the Ipod touch is still a luxury gadget at its price tag of P11,000. It just added some convenience but we can definitely live without it. Since it’s expensive we make sure we cover it with the best ipod touch cases so that we can use it for a long time. But since it’s from Apple we’re convinced we would be doing just that.

05 Aug 11

Workflowy Review ...

Now that my hubby is officially a work-at-home dad – he submitted his resignation last Monday – we are making plans for the future. We have so many plans and I’m glad we can finally move on and start making those happen one by one! When he was still working at the office he usually comes home tired but now that he is working at home he’ll have more time and energy to focus on more important things.

So in order to take advantage of our new situation I decided to use Workflowy to list our plans and achieve it one by one. What I like about Workflowy is it is so easy to use yet so efficient. It’s an online tool that lets you make a list in bullet format. You can have unlimited number of bullets or categories which is great especially if you have a lot of things to do. It doesn’t get messy because you can hide the sub-categories whenever you want to and display it when you need to. I have started using it by making a list of our long term goals and short term goals. Workflowy makes visualizing our goals easier, I tell you. I asked my husband to look at it and he understood it at once.

Wanna take a look at our goals? I’m going to give you a little peek. Here’s our short term goals for this month.



See how nice and organized it is. There are some subcategories that I hid but I can see in just one click.

Time is precious and lost time is gone forever. I am glad that there are some free tools that help us use our time wisely and efficiently.

10 Jul 11

I Want a Netbook ...

My mom sent me a message on Facebook. She knows I am looking for a netbook. She said her neighbor is selling a brand new HP Mini 1000 netbook for 13k. I checked the specs and it’s exactly what my husband hated. You see he is against me buying netbooks and always telling me that they are so slow and I would not get any work done. I still want to buy one because this 14-inch Gateway laptop that I am using is so heavy. The battery is not working anymore so it has to be plugged at all times. Since I will only use the netbook for my blogging activities then I think it would not matter if it’s slow. I want something that I can leave on standby without worry because there are a lot of distractions at home. If ever the battery gets broken I’ll just buy new hp batteries because I heard they are much easier. I still have to convince my husband to let me get a netbook. I hope I can convince him as soon as possible.

18 Dec 10

Memory Cards ...

As more and more people are relying on portable electronic and computer gadgets such as cellphones, laptops, and digital cameras, there has been a corresponding demand for peripherals that could provide these gadgets with more storage space for photos, videos, and music.

Memory cards – also known as flash cards – are small and compact flash memory devices that store digital information. They are used as storage peripherals for gadgets that have limited memory capacities, such as cellphones and Smartphones, digital cameras, laptop computers, portable video game consoles and MP3 players. Memory cards are especially useful to individuals who work on a large amount of data at a time but would need a separate device to store them in.

For memory cards to work, they are commonly attached via the USB port or a corresponding port in your computer or on the device. After formatting the memory card, you just copy data from the primary device to the card. Once the data has been stored, you only need to remove it from the device. An advantage to memory cards is that you can them as often as you want because they are rewritable. Plus, they don’t require power to use.

Memory cards in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and storage capacities. For those who need to store a large amount of data, it may be necessary to get memory cards with 4 MB capacities. Some of the most popular brands of memory cards include CompactFlash Cards, PCMCIA ATA, SecureMMC, Secure Digital, and NexFlash. Memory cards can be purchased from your local computer stores or from online distributors.

09 Dec 10

Cheap Ink Cartridges ...

Ink cartridges are replaceable components in your inkjet printer that contains the ink. Most cartridges have partitioned ink reservoirs which contain a metal plate that heats the ink and forces it out of the cartridge nozzle and onto the paper during printing.

There are three types of ink cartridges: the first contains black ink, the second has colored ink (in the three primary colors), and the third is for ink for photograph printing.

Unfortunately, ink cartridges are not just easily depleted, they are also very expensive. Because of the high cost of buying new cartridges, printer owners go for cheap ink cartridges instead.

Despite claims by manufacturers of less expensive cartridges and ink refillers that their products are “compatible” with branded printers, the truth is the quality of cheaper cartridges is not guaranteed. While a few cheap ink cartridges may print better than branded ones, in the majority of cases, the print out is of inferior quality. There may also be inconsistencies in ink formulation. As a result, these cartridges can seriously damage the printer. If the printer is still covered by a warranty, use of an incompatible cartridge could cause the warranty to be voided.

While cheap ink cartridges may seem like the perfect saving solution, you are only putting your printer at risk. You should take into consideration the cost of replacing a printer damaged by substandard ink cartridges as against the much lesser cost of buying branded and guaranteed compatible cartridges.

28 Nov 10

Radar Detectors ...

It sure is very tempting to speed up on a highway. The added adrenaline rush makes speeding so exciting especially for daredevils. But before you ever try to break the speed limits, think again. There are eyes and sensors scattered around the roads and highways that will surely catch your unlawful act. Some cameras here and radar detectors there will get a speeder busted in less than 5 seconds.

Police officers have been relying to the efficacy of these special detectors for over 50 years now. These detectors can detect the speed of a moving vehicle and if it senses one speed driver on the loose, the detector will send signal to the police officers and it’s the end of a speed driver’s adrenaline adventure.

If you really want to drive real fast, then you can join an officially permitted drag race and strut your stuff there. Just remember to keep safe while having fun.

20 Nov 10

Macbook Pro We Want! ...

My laptop has been my companion for the past three years. It’s still going strong but I’ve been dreaming of a replacement as early as now. I wanted a Macbook Pro I haven’t had any experience with Mac. Hubby has warned me that he doesn’t know how to fix a Mac so it’s not practical to buy one. Well, that all changed after he came back from songwriting camp. Gary V. was one of the speakers there and he gave them the must-have equipments for songwriting which includes – you bet, a Macbook Pro! Now hubby also wants to get his hands on one so I’m checking out the Best Buy section of online ads to see if they’re offering one. I wish we can buy one before this year ends. hehe