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16 Mar 14

Roland UM One MK2 ...

Online web store is the best place to find for guitars and their accessories. There is a wide range of various types of guitars and accessories to choose from any brands like Roland and Yamaha. If you are also looking for a compact, easy to use and affordable USB MIDI interface, roland um one mk2 is the right one for your gadget. You can have also any digital equipment like music software, hardware and synthesizers.

28 Feb 14

Coffin Cases ...

Good to hear from my hubby that he found right away a coffin case that is suitable for her sister’s guitar that was purchased two years ago. It’s very similar to the Coffin Cases from musicians friend that looks perfect and presentable to carry everywhere to go. But the problem was, he didn’t bring home the one that I asked him. I felt jealous already to my sister in law. But anyway he promised me to go shopping anything that I want. LOL

31 Jan 14

Hammond Keyboards ...

I know what and where to find one of the legendary organs, it is the hammond keyboards at guitar center and our church owns one of the Hammond keyboard. When our pianist plays it, the sound coming out generate vibration as if it bounces to the wall and all throughout the room. He is our long time pianist and he’s the only one who handles it since it came in to the church. But it still looks new as he cared it so much.

26 Dec 13

Student Saxaphones for Sale ...

Students have the right to choose their own saxophone, but if I’m the student it’s better to look for and buy student saxaphones for sale where it was already proven its quality and for sure within your budget. Always take advantage of any sales offer, sales doesn’t mean it’s not good but for any other reason like; closing out sale, last unit stock. So hurry up to decide in any sales offer.

25 Dec 13

Alesis SR-16 ...

The life of the performers depends on the instruments or drum machine of their choice. You need the natural drum sound that has been made to be now one of the most popular and affordable affordable alesis sr-16 at Musicians Friend. It’s a great help for a songwriter like my hubby in using the SR-16 for it has the built in rhythmic variations that he can compose music in a minute. It’s so easy to use.

03 Dec 13

Kids Rhythm Sticks ...

We all know children grow so fast in many ways at once. They are busy developing their skills every minute of the day. At the same time as they’re figuring out how to skip, hop, and jump; control their emotions; count to twenty; and get along with their friends. Developing their talent needs some tool; a rhythm sticks at musicians friend helps the child develop their love for music and more than physical skills.

14 Nov 13

LR Baggs Pickups ...

As a guitar player the excellent lr baggs pickups that will be installed under the bridge of the acoustic guitar will help you rock the world so naturally. Pickups are one of the most important accessory parts of a guitar. This is one of the reasons to become more addicted in playing the acoustic guitar. It’s very inspiring to play the all time favorite music and really bright.

04 Nov 13

Fender Blues Jr ...

Dinner was served. It’s time to watch tv news and programs but my family chooses to play music at least one hour before bed with their own musical instruments using the fender blues jr at musicians friend. It’s a nice to have a little amplifier, at 15 watts its sound, loudness is just enough to the size of the bedroom. It really has a great tone without blowing your eardrum.

10 Jul 13

Clamp for Alto Saxophone ...

The clamp serves to hold the reed on the mouthpiece of the saxophone or clarinet. It is important in the resulting produced sound.

The current musician has a preference for one or another type of sound, and not just the combination of instrument, mouthpiece and reed, accomplishes this. The clamp is of vital importance, and every day the musician is aware of it.
The advantages are sound quality, homogeneity, equality of the various registers, ease of legato and staccato, bass sounds, quality, acute and ease in achieving them.

It is made of leather, single tension screw, special fabric, supporting area for rubber cane. With this bracket you get a very easy and simple issue, the sound is big and round. It is funny how I can think of band clamps over this. Clamp is ideal for musician lectern. It is also highly recommended for students.

23 Nov 12

Musical Instruments ...

Every musical instrument has its magical effect on people. Even if they are not so much into music they can fall in love with the sound.

This tremendous Gibson SG Classic at Musicians friend I got was like a wizard’s wand. Playing music with it I could almost hypnotize my friends. There is no arguing that this was the best idea I had. I could play on it for hours and never get bored. Also, by using the bass amp at Musicians friend, I managed to get the most of it. Such a clear sound, it was similar to those crystal clear nature sounds you would hear when being in a forest at night.

I wanted to make myself the perfect combination so I got myself this brand new wireless midi. Need to say I bought this after I was advised by my close friend. He told me it’s something you must have if you consider yourself a music addict.

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