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18 Aug 10

In Search for a Job ...

My hubby’s aunt is in the hunt for local jobs. She has been working as a casual employee in a SPED center but was, unfortunately, laid off. She said her wage was not much but it surely helped a lot in their day-to-day needs.

I told her not to worry because there are a lot of local jobs for her. She still has three kids in school and she doesn’t want to go to far to work. I told her to check the local newspaper for available jobs. She can also go online to search for work. I’m sure she can find work within her area there or maybe she’ll even find an online job just like myself so she doesn’t have to leave the comfort of her home.  Until now, she’s still in the lookout for a job but we’re hopeful she’ll find something soon enough.

13 Aug 10

Solo Parents Act Filed by Loren Lega ...

Even though my husband and I are not solo parents, sometimes we still feel how hard it is to raise our son. Now that we’re going to have two children we get scared just thinking how we are going to raise the two of them. That’s why I was glad when I heard Sen. Loren Legarda has filed Senate Bill No. 1439 or the “Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2010.”

This is what I got from Sen. Loren Legarda’s website:

1. Ten percent (10%) discount from all purchases of clothing and clothing materials for the child for two (2) years from child birth;
2. Fifteen (15%) discount from all purchases of baby’s milk, food and food supplements;
3. Fifteen (15%) percent discount from all purchases of medicines and other medical supplements/ supplies for the child; and
4. Basic personal exemption from individual income tax.

“A “Solo Parent” refers to a parent who is left alone with the responsibility of parenthood due to death, detention, mental incapacity or legal separation with spouse. It also refers to women who became pregnant due to abuse.”

Legarda explained, “Double hardship saddles solo parents. They perform parental duties single-handedly in the face of economic turmoil that is characterized by skyrocketing prices, poverty and massive unemployment.”

“There is a need to amend Republic Act No. 8972, otherwise known as the Solo Parent’s Welfare Act to address the financial concerns of solo parents amidst the economic difficulties that the country is experiencing.”

“The enactment of this proposed measure will help lessen the financial burden carried by solo parents by affording them additional remuneration to be able to provide a better future for their children, “Legarda concluded.

One thing that caught my eye was that solo parents who are not legally separated and those who were never married to their partner but was left alone to raise their child single handedly are not included in the definition of “Solo Parent.” I think a large portion of the single parents fall under that category so this can only help a few people.  Nevertheless, this is better than nothing so kudos to the senator for this act.

05 Aug 10

Online Slots ...

In a casino, slot machines is the people’s favorite.  It’s no wonder because the slot machine you can win some big money in a very easy way.  Even you’re a newbie you can operate casino slot machines as easy as one, two, three.  That’s probably why people even stand in line just to be able to play this game.

We’re already familiar with slot machines found in casinos but what we do not know is that casino slot machines are available online too.  If it’s easy to play in this game in the real casinos it’s even easier online because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

Today, just proving how popular the casino slot machines have gotten people have devised different types variations in slot machines.  There are so many online casinos offering these various games and sometimes it can be confusing. If you want to know more about slot games and their variations then just visit the website. It can provide you with explanation in choosing the right type of slot games for you and how to win more money. Did you know that in some slot games you won’t be able to win the total jackpot if you have inserted too little coins? This is the first time I learned about this too so if you want to learn more just head on to their site and read their reviews.

23 Jul 10

BC Bloggers 4 ...

Bloggers have been asking me when the next BC Blogger is going to open.  I’m super happy and proud that bloggers are finding BC Bloggers essential in the success of their blogs.  I think BC Bloggers is a pioneer in making link building easy for bloggers.  There are still so many things needed to make the BC Bloggers process more refined and I hope we can improve it more to help more bloggers.

If you want to join BC Bloggers 4 please click the button at my left sidebar.

23 Jul 10

Foreclosed Properties – A Good ...

One of the real estate tips I’ve learned is that if you can buy foreclosures as part of your real estate portfolio then go ahead as foreclosed properties are more cheaper.

It was our dream to buy a foreclosed house before. We searched for the requirements online and even thought of attending a seminar so we could learn how. There are many agencies that would help you in dealing with foreclosed properties.  We became interested in foreclosed properties after learning how expensive the house and lots are in the metro.

Well, it seems God has a different plan for us as now we have a house – not our own but we’re living here for free and by ourselves thanks to the generosity of my MIL. We’re quite contented but I still wish in the near future we’ll be able to experience buying our own property – whether foreclosed or brand new. It’s still different when you acquire something out of your own money. The satisfaction of knowing that you own something because of your hard work is indeed priceless.

29 Jun 10

Searching for Fast Wireless Internet ...

We’re having some problems with our internet in our home.  Unlike in our apartment where we have uninterrupted service, here there are times that I can’t connect to the internet.  Since internet is important in our household we have started looking for the perfect replacement by reading some Internet reviews.

Hubby and I are using the internet at the same time so we really prefer wireless internet and not just any wireless internet but connection that has to be fast and at the same time reliable.  Yes, we do our work here but aside from that we also use this as our entertainment.  Hubby watches YouTube video all the time while I download a lot of movies.  In order to download I need the best internet there is.

During our research we have come across Clear 4G. I heard it’s fast and it’s affordable.  What’s more – we can use it at home and when we’re out in the city. Clear 4G provides users their own USB so they can still stay connected when they leave home.  It’s the first time I’ve heard about it and after reading its benefits my curiosity has definitely been peaked.

We’re giving our current provider one more month to fix our problem but after that we’re definitely switching.

15 Jun 10

First Day of School ...

Today is Z’s first day in Prep.  Unlike last year where we had a hard time leaving him it’s a breeze this time around.  There was no crying and no fuss.  I went with him inside the classroom and left him there smiling.  When I came back to fetch him after school he proudly reported that he didn’t cry.  I was so proud of him!  I’m glad he likes his school because we really thought long and hard which school to choose so seeing him happy in his new school made us sigh in relief.  I hope and pray this would go on until the end of the school year or better yet until he graduates. :)

13 Jun 10

Enrollment ...

Tomorrow is enrollment day for our little boy.  I know we’re a little late but all the moving and the expenses renovating our home has made a dent in our savings.  This is a new school for Z as we moved to a new area.  We were choosing between two schools and now we have finally made our decision.  I hope and pray we chose the right one.  So early tomorrow morning we are going to the school to pay the tuition and get the books.  There’s no written exam this time for Z only an interview.  Unlike last year where I was nervous he would be too shy to answer the questions now I know that he’ll answer all the questions they ask him.  After that we’ll again look for a mechanic for our car.  So it would still be a busy day for us.

20 May 10

Striptease Tutorial ...

I was watching the morning TV one day when I saw a striptease tutorial.  The dancer was not actually taking off her clothes but doing a dance that imitates the movement of a striptease.  It was so cool and so – well, flirty!  I wanted to try it because I knew my hubby would have wanted to see me do something like that. LOL!  The steps were really easy but too bad I was not able to memorize it.  Maybe next time I need a tutorial like that I’ll search for it on YouTube.  Hopefully, they had the same one I watched on TV.

15 May 10

He Cut My Hair! ...

One day, Z got hold of a pair of scissors.  He was about to cut his hair with it but I told him no.  Since most of the time he listens I was confident he would obey me and sure enough he did.  He might have thought about the consequences that’s going to happen if he did cut his hair.  Then he got a bright idea and turned to my hair.  For the second time I told him not to cut it.  I was confident again that he would obey me so I didn’t look at him.  Then when I finally stood up I saw a bunch of hair on the floor.  My mischievous child stopped short of cutting his own hair but figured  he could do it on mommy instead.  So there on the floor were a bunch of my hair about  4 inches long!  I quickly checked in the mirror if I had any bald spot but fortunately I didn’t.  Whew!  Next time, I wouldn’t trust my five year old again with a pair of scissors.