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20 Feb 12

Investing at CitisecOnline ...

Last January, I talked about goal setting in my other blog. I’m glad that I did that because it makes me more focused on the things that I want to accomplish. It’s only February and I have started investing in stocks – one of my long time dreams.

Investing in the stock market is easy nowadays. I can accomplish it online through my online stock broker, I don’t have to be a millionaire either to invest in stocks. For as low as P5000 I have opened an account and started investing. With the help of my financial adviser (I am a member of the Truly Rich Club) I receive professional advise on what stocks to buy. This will give me higher chance to earn rather than fail in my investments.

So now every time I have extra money and before I think of buying things like a bedroom vanity set – which I really want to have in our bedroom. Anyway, what I meant was now I think twice before I let go of my hard earned money. I don’t feel like P1000 is too small amount because I can still invest it in stocks through Citiseconline. I plan to make this a monthly habit so that I can see the fruits of my labor in the future.

25 Nov 11

Do you have RFID Credit Card? ...

My hubby just gave me an extension of his credit card. I was not in favor of having credit cards before because I’ve always heard horror stories about credit card debt. But now that we have been using it for a few years our opinions have changed. Having a credit card is more convenient. It can also help us keep track of what we’re spending our money on. Not everyone go into credit card debt especially if they’re responsible with it. That’s why we have been faithfully paying off our dues every month.

What I fear more are the electronic thieves who can get your credit card information without even holding your card. I heard an rfid credit card or credit card embedded with rfid will give you more security from such thieves. Ask your credit card companies if they’re issuing such card and have yours exchanged for added protection.

03 Aug 11

Online Furniture Store ...

Since my husband will start his new work – we will also be brainstorming on business ideas.  The most logical step for us is to try and mimic my dad’s furniture shop.  Since he has resources, suppliers and contacts, we won’t have a hard time starting a store – much less an online store.  We will probably start with popular items like sofas, pine beds, TV stands and the like. Hopefully things will be clear to us as soon as my hubby gets free time to think about our future business plans.

11 Feb 11

How Are Gold Bars Made? ...

The sight of gold can make anyone’s eyes sparkle with undisguised greed. However, very few – meaning the super rich and famous – will actually get to see a genuine gold bar.

If you’ve watched action thrillers featuring daring heists on such gold depositories as Fort Knox, you have the general idea that gold bars consist of this precious metal, which have been molded into specially shaped bars.

There are two methods by which gold bars are manufactured, namely casting and minting. Casting simply involves purifying and liquefying the gold, which is then poured into a mold, giving it its desired shape.

On the other hand, with minting, after the gold has been cast, it is then cut into specific dimensions and its value marked on the surface by mechanical presses. Most gold bars have a standard weight of 400 ounces or 12.44 kilograms. The gold bars that are in storage in central banks all over the world are known as “gold tola bars”, because they are weight in tolas (an Indian unit of weight equal to 180 grains troy or 0.375 ounce troy).

Gold bars have become ideal investments. People invest by buying these gold bars. These are then later sold when their values reach a high on the market.

09 Feb 11

Forex Market ...

Next to the Stock Exchange, the Forex Exchange or forex market has seen an increase in investments from private individuals who seek to gain a tidy profit from the hectic trading. However, the forex market is notorious for its volatility. Unless you are experienced in the system of the trading floor as well as knowledgeable about certain economic conditions all over the world, there is a great risk that you might lose money instead of earning profits.

For one, economic conditions in certain countries have been known to have effects on forex. Some of these conditions include the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), interest rates, consumer price index, budget, foreign policies and debt ratings.

Another driving force behind forex’s frequent currency fluctuations is investor speculation, which is again based on a country’s economic status.

In recent years, politics has had a negative impact, not only in Stock Exchange, but also in forex. The conflict between North and South Korea late last year and the ongoing turmoil in Egypt has caused both foreign exchange and stocks to plummet to all time lows.

It is not advisable to dabble in the forex market without the advice of a broker. Forex brokers can initially assist you in making investments on the market until you are capable of recognizing currency trends and making informed decisions on trading.