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16 Jun 11

Father’s Day is No Working Day ...

Father’s day is coming in a few days.  Am I prepared for it?  I’m afraid not!  The kids and my work has again made me super busy. But that’s no excuse, because this happens only once a year.  This time I would not let this event pass by without doing something for my hubby. The kids are definitely going to surprise him with a few things they have prepared. As for me, I’m no kitchen goddess but I’ve been practicing this past few months so I think I can whip up a decent dish that’s special enough to commemorate this occasion. Good thing my hubby is easy to please and appreciates my efforts.  To make it more special, maybe I’ll surprise him with the lingerie I bought from LOL!

14 Feb 11

How to Spice Up your Valentine’ ...

This month of love, how about spicing up the whole scene by new love moves and intimate moments? February is the month loving so there is no reason for you not to do any special moves to express your love to that special someone. Besides, your special someone will surely appreciate any extra effort from you.

For couples looking for steamy nights, consider outfitting yourself with leather lingerie. You must not look at pieces of clothing as barriers to your love making moment. Rather, see these clothes as instruments to a more intimate moment with your love. Leather always shouts sexy, especially when worn with confidence and attitude.

There are just so many things you can do to spice up the night. For a more romantic moment, consider a candlelight dinner or shower the whole bedroom with red rose petals. Scented candles will also do the wonders and add some heat and warmth. But whatever you do, be sure to do it with love. Besides, that is what everything is all about.