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10 Feb 14

Sharon and KC ...

I’m a big fan of mother and daughter Sharon and KC.

I like the way they laugh and smile but I love KC in her simple way.


14 Jun 11

Cheapest Kate Middleton Engagement R ...

Kate Middleton has got to be the most famous wife right now so I don’t blame it if people want to be just like her starting from finding a Kate Middleton Engagement ring replica to finding the same style wedding dress.

Thank goodness I’m already married so I don’t have to worry about those things. What I’m curious now, having been a wife for 6 years already, is how does she find married life so far. Although she’s already a duchess and I’m just an unknown wife it seems that we a lot things in common. For one, I heard all she wanted was to become a housewife. I was taken aback when I heard that because here was this smart lady who can have any career she wants but all she wanted was to be a wife and take care of her husband. Of course, hers is a prince but I’m sure she cooks for him and wait for him to come home every night just like I do.

So what if she can afford to buy Table Rock real estate and I don’t. I realized I have no reason to find the Cheapest Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Replica when a person like her who can have it all wants what I already have in life.

23 Feb 11

Derek Jeter’s Mansion took my ...

My new lazy boy recliner chair might be cool enough to fit in a mansion but unfortunately, I only have the former. The good thing is my needs are simple and I don’t need to build a mansion to be happy. It doesn’t mean though that I don’t appreciate a beautiful mansion when I see one. This particular one, built by Derek Jeter, took my breath away this morning.

Amazing, isn’t it?

18 Jan 11

Oyo Boy-Kristine Hermosa Prenup Phot ...

Kristine Hermosa became Mrs. Oyo Boy Sotto last January 12 in a private ceremony.  These well-known celebrity couple have succeeded in keeping their wedding a secret but now that they have tied the knot they have given the go signal to release their pre-nuptial photos.

The photos are simply beautiful!

Photos courtesy of Nelwin Uy Photography and published at Yahoo Entertainment Philippines.

18 Dec 10

Cute Couple ...

I didn’t know Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were an item until I saw this:

They’re such a cute couple. Don’t you agree?

13 Aug 10

Glee Store will Open at Macy ...

Good news to all the Gleeks out there.  Macy’s will be opening the Glee line of apparel and clothing this Sunday.  The store will be selling clothes made popularized by the cast of Glee like the Cheerios uniform for those who want to look like Quin Fabray, preppy miniskirts for Rachel Berry wannabes, and even tracksuits like those always worn by antihero, Sue Sylvester.

Now Gleeks or fans of Glee can wear their outfits while singing their favorite Glee medley.

Glee was an international hit when it launched earlier this year, and recently received 19 Emmy nominations.

11 Aug 10

Mariel Rodriguez – Robin Padil ...

Mariel Rodriguez shared this photo of him and Robin taken presumably at their dressing room thanking everybody who watched Pilipinas Win na Win. I admit they look so good together. Even if Robin is considerably older than Mariel and already has a lot of kids he still looks young and cute. Mariel and Robin are the hottest showbiz couple nowadays with their whirlwind romance being watched by Filipinos worldwide. I wonder if their romance will last or will she just be another woman in the list of Robin’s conquest?

23 Jul 10

Charice’s Botox Procedure ...

I can’t believe that the news about Charice having botox has spread faster than wildfire!  That’s just proof that Charice is really a famous international artist.  Filipinos are already too familiar with cosmetic surgeon, Vicky Belo, giving procedures to the stars as part of her publicity stunt but this time it backfired big time.  Now Charice is receiving some backlash from the international press and even from the infamous celebrity blogger, Perehilton.  Charice should have been more careful with her actions and not let Belo sweet talk her into doing that procedure – publicly!  She gained nothing than bad publicity while Belo is now more famous than ever.  I hope Glee still retains her despite this mishap.

09 Jul 10

Emmy Nominations 2010 List ...

It’s time for the Emmy nominations 2010 List once again. I’m sure you’re dying to know how your favorite TV series fared this year. So without further ado here is the list.

Outstanding Drama

Breaking Bad
Mad Men
True Blood
The Good Wife

Outstanding Comedy

Modern Family
Nurse Jackie
30 Rock
The Office
Curb Your Enthusiasm

Outstanding Actress in a Drama

Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife)
Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU)
Glenn Close (Damages)
Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer)
January Jones (Mad Men)
Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights)

Outstanding Actor in a Drama

Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights)
Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
Hugh Laurie (House M.D.)
Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
Matthew Fox (Lost)

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy

Lea Michele (Glee)
Tina Fey (30 Rock)
Toni Collette (The United States of Tara)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (The New Adventures of Old Christine)
Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie)
Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy

Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)
Matthew Morrison (Glee)
Steve Carell (The Office)
Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)
Tony Shalhoub (Monk)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy

Chris Colfer (Glee)
Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family)
Jon Cryer (Two and A Half Men)
Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family)
Ty Burrell (Modern Family)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama

John Slattery (Mad Men)
Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
Martin Short (Damages)
Terry O’Quinn (Lost)
Michael Emerson (Lost)
Andre Braugher (Men of a Certain Age)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama

Sharon Gless (Burn Notice)
Christine Baranski (The Good Wife)
Christina Hendricks (Mad Men)
Rose Byrne (Damages)
Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife)
Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men)

08 Jul 10

Lindsay Lohan To Serve 90 Days in Ja ...

I was shocked to see a picture of Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan, sobbing yesterday but nothing prepared me for the headline that screamed, “Lindsay Lohan To Serve 90 Days in Jail!”  After several celebrities evaded jail time I thought Lindsay too would be able to avoid jail.  Sadly for her, this was not the case as the judge turned a deaf ear on her pleas that it wasn’t her fault she was not able to follow the terms given to her.

But you know what I think the recent turn of events is indeed a blessing in disguise for Lindsay.  She has been troubled far too long up to the point that not even her Dad or her Mom could help her.  I think she really needed this stint in prison for her to be able to think long and hard about the path that she had taken.  Once inside I think she’ll realize that she’s one lucky girl.  So kudos to the judge who gave her the whacking that she so badly needed.  She might have hit rock bottom today (or on July 20 when she starts serving her sentence) but there’s no way but up from then on.