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10 Nov 10

What’s My Biggest Blogging Mis ...

Do you want to know what’s the biggest mistake I made in blogging? That is not buying enough domains early on. I relied on my one domain and the result was for two years I have not been earning much from it. If I bought many domains early on then I might have had a better chance at earning during the first two years I was blogging – but I didn’t. So don’t make the same mistake that I made. Buy as many domains as you can and get a managed hosting service to host them. Do not rely on free hosting because advertisers don’t like them. If you do this, you will have better chance at earning more through your blogs.

29 Sep 10

Tips To Help Build Your Blogging Ski ...

I decided to start a blog because I enjoy writing. My first blog post wasn’t very attention-grabbing, but I wanted to write about my personal experiences. Secretly, I imagined a career as a freelance writer. One day, instead of daydreaming about becoming a writer, I began researching information about the social networking industry. I was amazed by how many people blog on a daily basis and I wanted to become a part of this fascinating social phenomenon. So, I frequently browse the internet and visit book stores or libraries for more information.

Here’s a few tips that I learned to help boost your blogging skills:

Writing good quality content helps you to establish credibility. No one likes to read something that they don’t understand or is misleading. Meaningful topics that are well thought out can increase traffic to your blog, instead of making posts that are filled with a bunch of fluff. Don’t make blog entries just for the sake of posting because fluff stuff only purpose is to take up space.

You should make every effort to establish a relationship with the reader by encouraging comment discussions. Also, strive to address the reader’s needs and connect through email.

Keep in mind, many people do not read blogs word for word and may start by skimming quickly to see if it’s worth their time. It’s a good idea to break up your content by using bold text, sub sections and add color to text links. Modifying your text will help get your message across to readers that are glancing at your post.

Use a conversational tone because it’s easier to read and smoother to digest. Always use correct spelling and proper punctuation. Proofread your content once or twice before posting your message. Read full story »

15 Sep 10

Waiting for the Latest PR Update ...

I’m really puzzled why Google has not updated the page ranks. The last major update was five and a half months ago. Google was so generous the last time because all my blogs gained PR but after that was a long silence. I know page rank is really important in the search engine business. It’s the first thing I check to see the credibility of the website whether they’re making acne treatment reviews, diet pill reviews, or enzyte reviews.

My friend told me the reason why Google is taking so long is because they are changing the algorithm.  I guess we just have to sit and wait for that change.  Meanwhile, I’ll just make myself useful and make some more informative blogs.

15 Sep 10

My Blog at ...

Working at home has some perks too. A month or two ago, my Bedtime Believer blog post for Johnson & Johnson won the Bedtime Believer – Magic of You Award. I wasn’t able to attend the awarding but the event got featured at Nuffnang’s blog and then at Here’s the article from Philstar.

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Discovery: The Bedtime Believer Awards

21 Feb 10

Reviews, Inc. ...

Pehpot is her name and reviewing is her game. While most of us have a hard time making reviews she has decided to make reviewing her hobby by putting up Reviews, Inc.. From reviewing the latest movies to reviewing different blogs she would be depended upon to give well-researched reviews. You can be guaranteed that the movies she reviewed she has watched herself, the products she have tried herself, and the blogs she have read herself.

As usual, I like the header which depicts a woman with glasses and laptop. I think it looks a lot like her although her hair in real life is shorter. The girl at the header is also thinking which resembles Pehpot who is thinking of ideas all the time and cooking up the latest “pakulo” for her blogs.

Her sidebar is neatly organized and easy to navigate. I also like it’s color, pink never ceases to please me so I give her color of choice a thumbs up.

One thing I like is her post about the list of blockbuster movies. Although it’s not a review it’s very informative for me. I need this because I’m a movie buff and sometimes I run out of movies to watch. When that comes in the future when I can’t think of a movie worthwhile to watch I would use her post on this as a reference.

20 Feb 10

WAHMaholic ...

When I first looked at WAHMaholic I was overwhelmed with the header. It was the first time I saw a header so big it fit my whole screen! Nonetheless, the header is so artistically designed that no one can fault Kaye, WAHMaholic herself, for letting go of convention going ahead with her header.
Kaye, like her header, is a woman of big ideas. I previously described her as a genius in html and blog design just look at her portfolio. Being a woman herself, she knows how to please a woman when it comes to her designs. I have never seen one template she made I disapprove of.

If WAHMaholic’s header is big and grand, the rest is simple but chic. She knows how to balance everything. I’m encouraged to read more and more just because her layout is so clean and feminine. Not that the content is anything less. She recently featured the BC Blogger’s Secret button which I commissioned her to do and I would like to thank her for doing such a good job. A lot of people have already commented that they like the new one so much better.

For me, WAHMaholic is a blog that features Kaye’s talent. It chronicles all the amazing work that she does. I’m sure pretty soon she’ll be famous in the blogosphere. She’s the blogger to watch for when it comes to blog designs.

18 Feb 10

Seiko's Diary – An Inspir ...


Seiko’s Diary is a blog that really interests me. She’s a Filipina mom living in Japan, successfully raising three lovely daughters, making her husband happy, and making a career for herself – a dual career at that.

Just reading her blog it’s obvious that she’s passionate about her three daughters. They are the apple of her eyes, the love of her life. I always read her Mommy Moments entries which always has interesting stories about her daughters, her views on parenting, and how much she loves them.

Aside from her daughters, she’s also passionate about her cooking. How else can she cook delicious looking food like Relyenong Manok with Cheese.

Finally, Seiko talks about her 20+ years of marriage with her beloved Japanese husband. I secretly admire how they’ve kept their marriage strong despite coming from so different backgrounds.

Seiko’s Diary is testament of a mother’s undying love and devotion to her family and also a love story that crosses all borders. I will recommend it to young moms like me. They would surely get some valuable tips peppered around her in posts.

17 Feb 10

Anak ni Kulapo ...


Judging by the title it wouldn’t take you more than a minute to guess that the author of I am Buraot and Anak Ni Kulapo are the same. I don’t blame him for having blogs in both Filipino and English – he can write so well in both languages! The posts I read were such a treat that I have one message to Buraot. Buraot, if you have a blog in German just tell me and I would study that language just to be able to read your posts. hehehe

A warning though because this blog is not for the kids. If you have kids in your house don’t forget to lock your PC during bathroom breaks while you’re having Anak ng Kulapo post reading marathon. Take for example, his Valentine’s post. While everyone is posting Happy Valentine’s glittery messages he wrote I Like Da Way You Think. It might not be kid-friendly but it’s definitely husband and wife friendly. hehe

Anak ni Kulapo is really worth reading. He’s the only one who can get away with posts like Heto Ang Sayo. He had such a unique way of giving out links that I laughed so hard. My stomach is still aching until now.

16 Feb 10

I am Buraot – No, I'm not ...


Yes, I’m going to attempt to review I am Buraot. One of the most popular Filipino blogs in the blogosphere.  He is after all the one who developed the popular, Entredropper, which I remember using at one point. He has now trimmed down his list, by the way, and is adding new blogs who wants to join the list. (This reminds me that I need to add all my blogs again once I get about putting the codes.) I feel so proud that a fellow Filipino has developed the Entredropper. It really helped a lot of bloggers in marketing their blogs.
So what does Buraot means? I didn’t know it at first but soon found out it means being impatient. His tagline is also an eye-grabber, “A Day in the Life of an Antisocial.” Although both the title and the tagline seem negative, I think he’s only being humble. I feel that he is actually a nice person judging by the people who are fans of his blog. If he claims he is an antisocial, his blog certainly doesn’t reflect it.
The more I read the more I realized what a sensitive soul the author of I am Buraot is. You should really check out his popular posts. His My Girl post brought tears to my eyes because I certainly can relate. I was a young girl once separated from her father. I’m all grown up now but I wish my father is as eloquent as he was in writing down his feelings. I’m sure when his little girl grows up and read this post tears would be rolling down her eyes.