13 Feb 12

Reminiscing Bohol Beach Club ...

It has been three weeks since we had our vacation at Bohol Beach club and we still have a hangover. Bohol Beach club is truly a wonderful place to spend your vacation. The sand is fine and white. The water is shallow. It’s perfect for a family like us with two kids.

Most of the guests there when we arrived were Europeans. I know they had a wonderful time sunbathing. Of course, they also use tanning spray to make sure they achieve that perfect golden tan look. Meanwhile a morena like me doesn’t have to do that. As a matter of fact I tried to hide from the sun most of the time. It didn’t work though because I still came out tanner at the end of our trip. Anyway, I didn’t mind because we had such a good time there. If only we can have a vacation every month I think it would do wonders to our health.

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