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29 Dec 11

Angry Birds T-Shirt ...

My son loves Angry Birds? Well, who doesn’t? That’s why when we went to the mall to buy gifts he kept on saying that the only thing he wants to have is an Angry Bird t-shirt. Angry Birds merchandise can be found everywhere especially in the small stalls but I don’t know why I couldn’t find one at SM Department store that night. When at last I found a stack of Angry Birds t-shirts on sale I didn’t hesitate to buy two for him. So now he’s a proud owner of his very own Angry Birds t-shirt. Just look at his proud face!


Just one thing though, the t-shirts were supposed to be on sale but one was still worth more than P200! I hate it when stores mislead you when giving deals. That’s why sometimes I like shopping online more. For example, you get red envelope coupon codes it really means you get good savings. They don’t increase their price just so they could give a discount after.

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  1. Ah yes, the frenzy over angry birds. It’s okay for kids. But it’s really funny that a saleslady kept selling me angry birds t-shirt. I just laughed it off. :-)

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