13 Nov 11

A Day at the Playground ...

We just missed the Pacquiao-Marquez event. Instead of staying glued in front of the TV we went to the playground with the kids. We were glad the outdoor playground at the mall was finally opened. We brought along my son’s cousin for our trip. We thought we could leave them alone to play there and just pick them up later but the guard said they must be accompanied at all times. So we had no choice but stay there with them. They had fun going inside tunnels that look like stainless steel drum and climbing obstacle courses, and sliding down the slides.

Little Zack also played there. Hubby was tired at the end of the day because he was carrying him all day. One thing we learned was it was tiring to have many kids. We had three that day – cousin included – and we really had no time to shop for ourselves. I wonder how other families with three or more kids manage. The parents must be tired all the time. We’re glad we just have two as of the moment. We want another one but he/she have to wait. LOL!

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