25 Jul 11

Shopping Spree ...

That’s what we did yesterday. My husband was complaining for so long with his old clothes. I also wanted to update my wardrobe since I grew one size larger ever since Zack was born. So after buying the kids their clothes last week we decided it was our time to buy ours.

Our destination was Market! Market! Although we didn’t know it we were delighted to find out they were having a sale and yesterday was their last day. They had lots of clothes in their department store but what I like most are their clothes at the small stalls. I’m amazed at the variety of clothes they have over there. I’m sure if I look hard enough I can even find some equestrian clothing.

For our shopping spree we bought clothes for ourselves. I bought some tops and jeans and shoes but my favorite purchase is the hair straightening iron. It was quite expensive because it has titanium plate and not ceramic but I know it’s worth it. I bought one with ceramic plate before but I ended up giving it to my brother-in-law because it suits his short hair more. I couldn’t really use it with my long hair.

My husband bought some polo shirts too but his favorite are his brand new Levi’s jeans. It’s more expensive than the Lee brand but I know he’s more comfortable with the Levi’s fit.

Shopping is fun but tiring. I was still short of one white blouse that I would be using for our first anniversary but I was too tired so we just went home without buying one. Anyway, that gives me one more excuse to go back to the mall for another shopping trip. hahaha!

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