10 Jul 11

I Want a Netbook ...

My mom sent me a message on Facebook. She knows I am looking for a netbook. She said her neighbor is selling a brand new HP Mini 1000 netbook for 13k. I checked the specs and it’s exactly what my husband hated. You see he is against me buying netbooks and always telling me that they are so slow and I would not get any work done. I still want to buy one because this 14-inch Gateway laptop that I am using is so heavy. The battery is not working anymore so it has to be plugged at all times. Since I will only use the netbook for my blogging activities then I think it would not matter if it’s slow. I want something that I can leave on standby without worry because there are a lot of distractions at home. If ever the battery gets broken I’ll just buy new¬†hp batteries¬†because I heard they are much easier. I still have to convince my husband to let me get a netbook. I hope I can convince him as soon as possible.

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