19 Jul 11

6 Tips for Creating Your Own Printed ...

Greeting cards nowadays are a staple for any occasion, and are a nice way to show your appreciation to the people that you care about. Sometimes, however, store bought printing cards just don’t quite capture the message that you want to send. These 6 tips will help you along the path of creating your own personalized greeting cards which will ultimately make your gifts more meaningful, thoughtful and unique.

1. Have A Clear Idea Of What Kind Of Card You Want

Having a clear idea of the particular style of greeting card you desire will simplify the task designing a greeting card. There are several templates to choose from when you begin designing a greeting card, and having clear ideas makes the decision of choosing the layout. Greeting cards can be in landscape or portrait layout, and text can be placed in several spots.

2. Choose The Best Photo

If you would like to include a family portrait, be sure to capture a photo that will print exquisitely and will appear clean and clear. For family portraits it is a good idea to coordinate a family in the same color, however, each member can wear a different shade of the color. Avoid white in highly reflective backgrounds. If you are not using a family portrait, choose a photo that captures a unique moment in a unique setting. You want to choose a photo that enhances the emotion that you want to convey. Choosing the perfect photo for your greeting card can enhance the brilliance of any greeting card.

3. Chose An Online Website That Caters To Greeting Cards

Every website has different templates, designs, ideas and shipping options. Shutterfly.com can actually mail your greetings cards for you. Simply enter the name and mailing address and they handle the mailing of your cards. Shutterfly is also one of the most popular sites online because they offer many options, designs, and prices.

4. Use The Best Greeting

Take a moment to create a fun, festive greeting for your greeting card. Typically, online greeting card designs allow anywhere from 50 to 500 characters in greeting cards. Consider that folding cards accommodate more space for greetings. Websites also have pre-selected greetings that fit nicely with different occasions. One may choose to preview the pre-selected greetings in order to obtain ideas to spice up your own personal greeting. Keep in mind that Shutterfly and other online greeting card websites enable you to customize separate greetings for each card.

5. Take Time To Preview Your Card

Previewing your final draft is important. Some online greeting card websites such as Wal-mart and Snapfish will automatically incorporate your selected picture into every design to enable you to preview your design before spending time inserting greetings. Nonetheless, previewing your card in detail can save a great amount of time and money by making sure this is the best design before paying for printing and shipping.

6. Use Online Greeting Card Websites For Other Publications

Keep in mind that online greeting card websites allow you to design other creative publications. You can design your own invitations, announcements, thank you notes, reminder cards, or customized publication. That being said, this is a cost-effective method of announcing the birth of a new baby or inviting loved ones to your upcoming wedding or thanking a friend for a wonderful vacation. It is truly an innovative way to spread the news about a personal occasion with a touch of visual personalization.

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