19 May 11

Be Careful When Taking Medicines ...

Last year, while I was still pregnant with my youngest I didn’t stop working.  I admit I was busier than ever and would sometimes sleep late and then wake up early. I did not want to slow down because I love my work and also because I knew once my baby was born I would not be able to work for a month or two.  My workaholic tendency sometimes resulted to a splitting headache.  I wanted to take some medicine but I stopped myself thinking about the welfare of the baby.

For some people, however, they have no option but to take medicines. Pregnant moms with epilepsy and the dreaded migraine would find it hard to resist taking the drug just so they could lead a normal life. If they have taken Topamax while pregnant then they would have been at risk of delivering babies with cleft palate. It’s because this drug increases the likelihood of the baby having oral defects by 11%. If you’re one of the victims then don’t hesitate to file a Topamax lawsuit. Consult an attorney that is expert on this and you will get the compensation you deserve.

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