11 Jan 11

Tips for Student-on-the-Go ...

High school students have so many things that keep them busy that sometimes, they even need to sleep over a classmate’s house to finish some school requirements. Parents should know when to allow their kids to do so. Most of the time, parents would just know if their kids are just making it as an excuse. But if you really need to sleep to a classmate’s house, better get all your stuff ready so that you can do your homework or project smoothly.

Always bring your own sets of books. This is so you and your classmates do not share books, making it easier to find the things you need to find. A laptop is always useful so if you have one, then be sure to have it with you. In this case you can always divide the encoding works, thus cutting on time. Bring snacks with you as well. Do not forget your jammies and changing clothes and other toiletries. Lastly, always bring your mobile phone so you could keep in touch with your parents once in a while.

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