04 Nov 10

Doctor, Doctor I am Sick ...

I’ve been sick the past few days.  I woke up feeling my whole body just ran a marathon.  My eyes felt very heavy like I overslept.  I was really guilty of oversleeping so at first I thought it was just because of too much sleep but when it refused to go away that’s when I conceded I was sick.  Well, it’s fun being sick for a change because I get taken care of.  My hubby massaged my aching body the other day and just this afternoon, it was Z’s turn to massage me.  He just learned how to count up to 100 and he was excited to show it off.  So he massaged me at the back counting from 1 to 100.  He also massaged me on my forehead and my two legs.  I had fun being the patient for a change but I’m so glad I’m feeling better now.

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