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30 Nov 10

Mall Day ...

We were at Festival the whole day yesterday.  Since it was a holiday and they were having a sale there were so many people shopping for good finds.  Hubby wanted to buy some guitar strings after our guitar scare the other day.  He had left his precious guitar in the trunk of our car for a whole day amidst the heat and when he finally remembered it was night time.  He hurriedly went to the parking lot to retrieve it.  He checked its condition and noticed a sudden change in sound right away.  He spent a good two hours tinkering his guitar and feeling somber thinking it was already damaged when suddenly he noticed it was okay again.   So instead of replacing an expensive $600 guitar we were happy to replace only the strings.

So that’s what we’re doing at the mall yesterday.  It was already night time when we decided to go home.  We were relieved there was no traffic at SLEX.  Z, who was quietly playing with his new watch at the backseat, suddenly shouted when he saw a Ferrari sportscar alongside our sedan.  We couldn’t help but ooh and aah at the lovely looking Ferrari.  While hubby and my son were admiring the Ferrari I remarked that it’s good to have one but unfortunately, the three of us wouldn’t fit inside one.  So if we have the money, we still won’t buy one.  We’re better off with a sedan like the genesis coupe or the sonata or an SUV when the children are bigger.  It’s also a good idea to buy an environment friendly car like the sonata-hybrid instead of the fuel guzzling Ferrari. The car you have must be able to fit your lifestyle that’s why before buying one be sure to check out the specs.  I checked out the genesis-coupe specs, sonata specs, sonata-hybrid specs and liked what I saw.  If we have the extra money we will surely choose from one of these three car models.

30 Nov 10

Eating Out – One of the Bigges ...

I have copiously written down all our expenses for the month of November and would you believe that one of our biggest expenses is eating out.  I couldn’t believe it myself because ever since we moved here we only go out once a week tops.  I vowed to keep the fastfood expenses to a minimum but guess where we were again yesterday?  Yes, we were out all day eating our heart’s out at McDonalds for lunch and at the food court for dinner.  So there goes our budget and it’s not even the end of November yet.

29 Nov 10

Shop for Beauty Products the Smart W ...

You should be a smart buyer when shopping for anti-aging and beauty products. When shopping around and looking for beauty products like the best wrinkle creams, you will be seeing so many varieties of a product, promising the same results. The sea of beauty products on shopping malls may lead an unwise buyer into taking home a second rate one.

So how do you become a smart buyer? Before paying for any product, a smart buyer checks its label. By doing so, you will know if it contains unsafe or strong ingredients that may damage your skin or cause skin irritations. It also pays to stick with the proven trusted brands. Experimenting on other unknown beauty products is very risky since it hasn’t established a name yet. Like what most people say and do, trust the experts. And in this case, brand popularity may be a sign of product effectiveness and brand staff expertise.

29 Nov 10

Best Fat Burners for WAHMs ...

People have been gradually accepting that health living is important. A healthy lifestyle, complemented with fat burners, is the perfect combination in achieving a fit body.

The best fat burners will show you results in as short as one week. You will notice that the areas of your body with most fat, such as the stomach area, thighs, hips and arms get more toned. To achieve the best results, it is important to continue using these fat burners. In addition, you should also learn to practice a healthy lifestyle. This can be done by accepting that a healthy living is the key to maintain the figure you’ve always wanted. Watch your diet and consume oily and salty foods in moderation. It is also better to avoid caffeinated drinks such as soda and coffee. Visit the gym regularly and burn more fat. After some exercise, replenish your body fluid by drinking enough water.

28 Nov 10

How to Build Muscle Fast ...

Most women find a muscular man attractive. Not that women look into the physique more than the character; there is something muscular a muscular body than you think.

For a woman, a muscular man is someone perceived as strong, thus can protect her any time. This is the reason why women are attracted to those men with bulk. There is simply a sense of protection.

Knowing how to build muscle fast will work in your favor. Who would not want to learn all the hidden secrets of the gym instructors? Who would not want to have a body builder figure like those on the magazines? Help yourself into making your body a piece of perfection by studying the basics of your body muscles and weight training. By doing so, you will your desired body shape. But take note that this will not come in a day. Hard work and diligence should always be present when dreaming of becoming more muscular.

28 Nov 10

Credit Monitoring Services can Help ...

Some people disregard having low credit scores because they argue that these are just numbers and as such, cannot, in any way, affect their relationships (which are the more important than other material stuffs). However, what most people do not realize is the fact that having a low credit score can significantly affect your relationship with your loved ones and worst, cost your own marriage. Statistics show that one of the leading causes of divorce is financial problems and if quite so often, people who have financial worries are those people who have low credit scores.

Your financial status is highly determined by your credit score. It affects your chances of acquiring a mortgage for our house, applying for a credit car, buying your own car and even the chances of getting a good job. Oftentimes, the premium for your mortgage would depend on your credit score. Simply translated, lower credit scores mean higher premiums and higher credit scores mean lower premiums. The relationships of the two variables are indirect, as one gets higher, the other goes lower, so at this point, it is very important that you do keep an eye on your credit scores.

Having lower credit scores also means that higher interest charges every month for any products or services that you lent. When you use your credit card more, you will incur more charges. When you incur more charges, you will use more money in your bank account every month just to pay all your bills. When bills are not paid or some bills get overdue, then fighting in relationships starts.

This particular scenario can be especially true if you tend to save enough money to pay off your debts and your husband or wife has a shopping habit and is used to maxing out all your credit cards. Department stores charge higher interest rates (that can sometimes be construed ridiculous because of the very high percentage) so if your credit limit is reached, then expect to pay higher amounts every month.

If you don’t want credit scores and financial stress to ruin your relationships, then it would be best if you can communicate with your partner and discuss your financial habits. If you have the desire to save money, then that should be communicated as well. Just like in any other relationships, it is important that you communicate.

You can also subscribe to credit monitoring services (which are of course, subject to agreement of both you and your partner) because credit monitoring services cannot just help you achieve high credit scores, they can also provide wise advice on how you can achieve that. These credit monitoring facilities offer advice to their clients on how they can spend their money wisely and how to properly manage their credit without ruining either of the spouse’s credit scores. The best thing about it is that you will be able to maintain (or increase) your credit score and at the same time, plan for your future.

Learn more about 3 bureau credit monitoring.

28 Nov 10

Radar Detectors ...

It sure is very tempting to speed up on a highway. The added adrenaline rush makes speeding so exciting especially for daredevils. But before you ever try to break the speed limits, think again. There are eyes and sensors scattered around the roads and highways that will surely catch your unlawful act. Some cameras here and radar detectors there will get a speeder busted in less than 5 seconds.

Police officers have been relying to the efficacy of these special detectors for over 50 years now. These detectors can detect the speed of a moving vehicle and if it senses one speed driver on the loose, the detector will send signal to the police officers and it’s the end of a speed driver’s adrenaline adventure.

If you really want to drive real fast, then you can join an officially permitted drag race and strut your stuff there. Just remember to keep safe while having fun.

23 Nov 10

How to Sell Your House Fast ...

The shorter your house is on the market the more likely you’ll get your desired selling price – that’s what realtors always say. The longer you wait for a buyer the more pressure you’ll feel to lower down your asking price. That is why if you want to sell your house fast you have to make sure you do everything right to attract the house buyers.

In order for you to sell your house fast, you have to set the right price.  This is the most common mistake that home sellers make.  To get the right selling price, do your research and find out the selling price of other homes in your area. You can add or subtract a couple of thousands depending on your house’s condition but do not expect for it to sell much more than the average neighborhood price.

People always say, “I want to sell my house fast,” but they don’t realize that they have to do more than just cleaning the house.  When you’re selling a house, you’re just not selling a piece of property but you’re selling  a dream.  For a newly wed couple they have to see themselves raising their own family there and you’ve got to make your house look like it’s the best place they can raise their kids even if  you have to spend money then do it.  Believe me, the investment is worth it if you really want to be able to sell your property at the price you desire.

23 Nov 10

Engagement Rings ...

Have you heard of the pink diamond?  I have seen its pictures when it was auctioned at Sotheby’s and wow, it really is a great gem!  I was hoping it would be bought by a romantic at heart and let it serve its purpose by being an engagement ring of a lucky girl but I think in real life it doesn’t work that way because it was bought by a jeweler instead.

Anyway, I was always fascinated with diamond engagement rings and diamond eternity rings.  I think an engagement ring should always be made of diamonds.  Like they say, diamonds are forever and that’s what we want our marriage to be, right?

I’ve always thought you have to go out of your way to buy a diamond ring but did you know that there is now an online engagement rings design your own service? All you have to  you can now go online, design your own ring, and order from there?  Now, your fiance would not have any reason not to give you that ring, right?

23 Nov 10

Custom Labels ...

Whenever I buy an appliance, I always look at the nameplates at the back.  These custom labels provide the information I need about the product that I am buying that is why it is very important. I had no idea where these products were made but then I found out that these nameplates can be ordered from

Data graphics is not only a supplier of custom label for commercial and industrial applications but they also cater to the military.  To be trusted by the military speaks volumes on the quality of their product.  If you are a manufacturer of a certain product chances are you would need barcodes, safety, instructional, IUD labels and custom overlays.  Data Graphics can deliver all of these for you.  The company, which has been delivering quality service since 1984, is known for its quality products and great customer service to boot.  They provide various types of nameplates that would fit your need.