30 Sep 10

Is the SAT Worth It? ...

SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a nationally adopted standardized test for admissions to under graduate courses. Just in case you have forgotten, it is the universal score that colleges use to assess a candidate’s potential. It tests a candidate’s mathematical, reading and writing skills. It is supposed to predict the success rate of a candidate through colleges.

This test has been deciding the future of millions of high school pass outs every year. It is played by many candidates like a game, where more you practice, the better you get. It is being played like an elaborate game with SAT prep courses that prepare students with all the weapons and short cuts that they need to take. When looking at college success rates and comparing them with SAT scores and high school results, the high school grades give a better measure of the candidate’s abilities than the unreliable SAT.

The SAT has become a tool for measuring the time spent on preparing for the test as opposed to the actual assessment of a student’s skills. Getting used to the kind of problems that appear every year, a candidate with below basic reading and memorizing skills can easily obtain a high score in SAT. Having realized this, the College Board revamped the complete structure of SAT.

A recent study has scrapped all reports of the new SAT being an actual measure of intellectual competency or being better than the previous one. The study suggests that the revamped SAT under predicts college success for females. It also fails to predict success rates for candidates who do not have English as their chosen test language, making it more unreliable for Spanish speaking students. The only valid option would be to completely revamp the test every year such that the SAT prep course cannot include everything. This will assure fair competition and accurate assessment.

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