24 Sep 10

He Doesn’t Want to Go to Schoo ...

Z’s long test is fast approaching.  It’s going to be on Monday.  We’re still not prepared because Z got sick for almost a week  but I’m hoping the reviews we’re having daily will make it easier for us this time.

Yesterday, Z’s classmate celebrated his birthday at school.  Z was sad though and didn’t want to go to school.  Try as hard as I could to pry the reason out of him he wouldn’t tell me.  I thought he just doesn’t want to eat at school so I assured him that he can opt to not eat it there and just take it home with him.  Still he refuses to go to school. So I had no choice but to get mad at him just so he would go to school.

When he got home he was in a happier mood.  I asked him why and this time he finally revealed the reason why he didn’t want to go to school earlier. He said he overheard the other day from the birthday celebrant’s mom that because it was his classmate’s birthday they will have to stay at school till night.  He didn’t want to stay that long that’s why he didn’t want to go to school.  I reminded him that if only he told me the real reason then I would have told him that it’s not true.  He laughed at himself after that.  I hope he learns to confide everything to his mom from now on.

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