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30 Sep 10

Is the SAT Worth It? ...

SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a nationally adopted standardized test for admissions to under graduate courses. Just in case you have forgotten, it is the universal score that colleges use to assess a candidate’s potential. It tests a candidate’s mathematical, reading and writing skills. It is supposed to predict the success rate of a candidate through colleges.

This test has been deciding the future of millions of high school pass outs every year. It is played by many candidates like a game, where more you practice, the better you get. It is being played like an elaborate game with SAT prep courses that prepare students with all the weapons and short cuts that they need to take. When looking at college success rates and comparing them with SAT scores and high school results, the high school grades give a better measure of the candidate’s abilities than the unreliable SAT.

The SAT has become a tool for measuring the time spent on preparing for the test as opposed to the actual assessment of a student’s skills. Getting used to the kind of problems that appear every year, a candidate with below basic reading and memorizing skills can easily obtain a high score in SAT. Having realized this, the College Board revamped the complete structure of SAT.

A recent study has scrapped all reports of the new SAT being an actual measure of intellectual competency or being better than the previous one. The study suggests that the revamped SAT under predicts college success for females. It also fails to predict success rates for candidates who do not have English as their chosen test language, making it more unreliable for Spanish speaking students. The only valid option would be to completely revamp the test every year such that the SAT prep course cannot include everything. This will assure fair competition and accurate assessment.

30 Sep 10

Can Online Degrees be a Good Option ...

Education is one of the biggest issues that you and your children will confront. As a family, you want the best for your children and their future, and that often begins with getting a quality education.

As your children reach adulthood and begin seriously looking at potential careers, it’s important that you are involved in their decision-making process. For many parents who do this, they are able to bring up valid points regarding their children’s education and can answer questions that may arise.

An interesting option that is available to students is getting an online degree. It seems as if these programs have continued to grow in popularity and availability to students.

But are online degrees a good option for your children? Can an online college or university prepare your children at the same level as a traditional university?

If your children consider an online degree in their future, do your homework as you would with any other potential institution. While there are certainly bad options out there (“degree mills”), there are plenty of well-respected and accredited institutions that can offer your children a quality education.

Online institutions also may offer degrees in conjunction with traditional schools. Many online schools are a distinct part of a traditional university, although this is not always the case.

Your children may be interested in taking a couple of online classes to get a feel for this type of learning. Being able to succeed in an online learning environment is a major factor in deciding whether online education is a good choice for your child.

Remember to carefully identify all options for your children. If an online university is the best choice, it can be a great way for your children to study and enjoy the benefits of this kind of education.

Always do what you can to help your children make the best choice for their future.

30 Sep 10

John Hardy Jewelry Makes A Great All ...

I’ve got a lot of birthdays coming up and finding presents for everyone can be a real choice. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of getting someone a gift they will really enjoy, but it has its challenges. So I think about what I can get people that is sort of across both the male and female spectrum. Flowers are nice but only appeal to women (and who wants that as a present). So I think I have come up with a few gifts that will suit anyone in my life.

John Hardy Jewelry

This is a great idea — everyone can appreciate a good piece of jewelry. Even if you are just getting a watch or a simple, understated necklace, it appeals to many. The great thing about John Hardy Jewelry is that it’s featured in department stores so you don’t have to travel far. It’s also made for men, woman, and even children so there are great gift possibilities. It’s not real expensive so it might be more than a token gift but it won’t have you panicking when you walk out.

Restaurant Gift Certificates

Don’t forget about the power of a good meal. I think people see gift cards as a cheap way out, but it doesn’t have to be. If you select a restaurant because of the menu or the atmosphere, it can be a very thoughtful gift. There isn’t anything better than giving someone the gift of a great meal. It also allows you to use your creativity and pick a place that they haven’t tried. You might gets you friend or loved one hooked on a new place. If they like it enough they might even bring you to it and treat you to a wonderful meal.

Getting a gift was easier than I thought and now it can be easy for you too.

29 Sep 10

Watching What I Eat ...

I was shocked when I had my monthly checkup a few weeks ago. I learned that I gained 6 kilos in a couple of weeks. Of course, I’m seven months pregnant but the look on my midwife’s face convinced me that it was not normal. She warned me that if I continue to eat that way I would be having a difficult labor. I am indeed familiar with this scenario. My firstborn was too big and I had a difficult labor because of that. That’s why now I am really watching what I eat. If I don’t, aside from having a difficult delivery I will surely have to take weight loss diet pills after my delivery to remove the excess pounds I piled on.

29 Sep 10

Tips To Help Build Your Blogging Ski ...

I decided to start a blog because I enjoy writing. My first blog post wasn’t very attention-grabbing, but I wanted to write about my personal experiences. Secretly, I imagined a career as a freelance writer. One day, instead of daydreaming about becoming a writer, I began researching information about the social networking industry. I was amazed by how many people blog on a daily basis and I wanted to become a part of this fascinating social phenomenon. So, I frequently browse the internet and visit book stores or libraries for more information.

Here’s a few tips that I learned to help boost your blogging skills:

Writing good quality content helps you to establish credibility. No one likes to read something that they don’t understand or is misleading. Meaningful topics that are well thought out can increase traffic to your blog, instead of making posts that are filled with a bunch of fluff. Don’t make blog entries just for the sake of posting because fluff stuff only purpose is to take up space.

You should make every effort to establish a relationship with the reader by encouraging comment discussions. Also, strive to address the reader’s needs and connect through email.

Keep in mind, many people do not read blogs word for word and may start by skimming quickly to see if it’s worth their time. It’s a good idea to break up your content by using bold text, sub sections and add color to text links. Modifying your text will help get your message across to readers that are glancing at your post.

Use a conversational tone because it’s easier to read and smoother to digest. Always use correct spelling and proper punctuation. Proofread your content once or twice before posting your message. Read full story »

29 Sep 10

Wishing for a Cabin ...

I grew up in the province and I miss it so badly. I remember our house was a couple of meters beside the ocean and if we wanted to go to a river for a swim it’s just one ride away. Now that we’re living in the middle of the metro we don’t get to see nature anymore. I hope we can afford to buy a cabin one day where we can take a vacation and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. When we do buy one I will decorate it with comfortable cabin furniture to make it homey for our whole family to enjoy.

29 Sep 10

Medical Assistance Anytime, Anywhere ...

As a mom, I always think about our family’s health.  That’s why I try to make my family eat healthy foods and I avoid canned foods and instant foods as much as possible. I also think about medical emergencies in the family.  We have our healthcare plan which we use whenever we need but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what if we have a medical emergency?
The truth is, we don’t know when there will be an emergency that would require us to get medical assistance right away. What if we are hurt during a long travel and there’s no one around to assist. I shudder at the thought but I know it has happened to some people. Now I know why people sign up for a medical assistance program. They want to be assured that they would get emergency medical help anytime, anywhere, and even in a foreign country.
I would love for my family to have this especially when our kids get older and they travel around on their.

29 Sep 10

Roman Blinds – A Good Alternat ...

Our windows need new curtains. I’m not a fan of those fancy curtains with elaborate designs. For one, those are too hard to maintain. Imagine, washing that big piece of cloth with all its embellishments in a washing machine. I’m sure after just one washing I have already destroyed it. I like the simple ones like the roman blinds. They look so simple and stylish. I’m sure it would be so easy to maintain unlike the elaborate curtains I see in other homes. I looked online to see how much they cost and they are also affordable.

Like curtains, roman blinds are made in fabric. You can choose from a variety of colors and design. You can also choose the type of fabric you want – whether you want something elegantly styles or a lightweight, unlined fabric. As I said, I prefer a simple curtain so I would choose a lightweight one with a vibrant color that will add style to our home.

29 Sep 10

Business Web Hosting for My Blogs ...

A year ago, I only have one domain with no PR.   If there’s one biggest mistake I have made in my blogging like that is not buying domains early enough.  I’m glad I have finally corrected that mistake and now I have more domains than I can handle.  One of the problems with having so many domains is getting a reliable web hosting service.  I tried getting a cheap hosting before but it simply did not work.  My blogs suffered downtime and sometimes I find myself needing to update a certain blog but not being able to log in.  I didn’t want to pay a higher monthly fee that’s why I chose a cheap service.

Now I have finally realized that getting a business web hosting service is the right path to go.  I have unlimited storage and bandwidth and my blogs are online 100% of the time.  I have to pay higher amount every month for this type of hosting but I do not lose any opportunities at all.  I’m glad I have made the switch and now I don’t have any headaches.

27 Sep 10

A Loan for a Laptop ...

Our friend is thinking of getting a laptop.  One which costs P32.k.  I’m quite envious because I want one too but I guess I still don’t need it since the three-year-old laptop I’m using is still working well and has no defects yet.  Thank God for this blessing.  This baby is the one that really helped me in my journey towards earning online.

Anyway, our friend is asking for our help to pay for his laptop.  He doesn’t have a credit card and as you know, 0% interest deals are popular nowadays.  He said he can pay 1/3 of the amount but he wants our help so he can pay the remaining amount on a monthly basis.  We want to help him because he’s a dear friend of ours but our credit limit is not that high.  If we charge it to our card then we won’t be able to use it anymore for our needs until he pays the amount.

Anyway, so not to disappoint him I would tell my hubby to just help him find a cheaper one.  If he’s really set into buying that one we’ll just suggest he get a payday advance loan.  I’m sure there are a lot of reputable companies willing to lend him the money because he’s got a stable job.  The benefits of a payday advance is even people with bad credit history can avail of one and you can get the loan within 24 hours after processing.