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Three Different Bedtime Routines Exp ...

Sleep is one of the most important factors in releasing growth hormones, most especially for very young babies.While your baby sleeps, her little body produces 3x more growth hormones.

The good news is there is a way to promote better sleep for your baby: through a consistent nightly bedtime routine.

Learn more about the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine, clinically proven to stretch your baby´s sleep by as much as 23%.

In addition to the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine and products, there are countless other ways you can help your baby fall asleep and even share bonding moments in the process!

A well thought of bedtime routine will surely give your baby uninterrupted sleep and most importantly, can be a wonderful chance to bond with your baby.  I’m glad Johnson’s & Johnson has made amazing products that compliment the bedtime routine.

If you haven’t established a bedtime routine then perk your ears up.  There are a number of ways you can do it and I hope you can learn from what I am about to tell you.  I know we have different situations in life – some of us are working moms, others are stay-at-home moms, and maybe others are Dads – either single Dads raising their kids while working  or just hands on Daddies who want to connect with their kids in a very special way just before bedtime.  I am fortunate enough to share with you three different situations where I incorporated the bedtime routine. The first one was when I was a working mom, the second was when I became a stay-at-home mom, and the third was different because it was through my hubby’s eyes and how he would do the bedtime routine his own way.


When Z was very little I was a working mom.  I was tired when I got home and had no energy to do anything.  Still, I wanted to teach him something especially during his bedtime.  Somehow I suck at reading stories and I get bored easily but one thing I love was singing nursery songs.  I knew my son would love it too so I sang to him all the kiddie songs I knew.  Z was only 1 or 2 years old then and he would listen quietly as I sang.  I didn’t know if it had any effect on him all I knew was I just sang my heart out and hope for the best.  Then I got ingenious and decided to use technology to my advantage.  I could have played a CD for him before he sleeps but we didn’t have a CD player.  So what did I do?  I recorded my voice in my cellphone.  Imagine my not so good singing voice being recorded and played every night without fail.  My hubby – who is a good singer  – used to chide me with my antics but I didn’t care since my son doesn’t know that his mommy’s voice suck and he continued to listen attentively even though it was just a recording.  I was still there with him every night at bedtime and I still sing but when I get tired I turn on the recording to continue the singing for me.  Did it have an impact on my little one?  It sure did!  We were visiting relatives one day and they were playing with Z.  He was about two at that time and when they asked him to sing he started singing not one but all the songs I recorded.  It was a really proud moment for me to know he was listening to his mommy even though at times it was just a recording of my voice. LOL!


Now, when Z was five I attended the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Routine Seminar.  There they taught us mommies the 3 -step bedtime routine already tested by the experts.  The good thing about Johnson & Johnson is they have developed three products that we can use with each of the three steps.  I was in a bit of dilemma though because my boy was already five and not a baby anymore.  That’s why I decided to put the JOHNSON´S® Bedtime Routine to test its effectiveness on my five-year-old.  Here is an excerpt of my post taken from my other blog on what I did to put the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine to test:

Step 1. Give him a warm bath or punas using JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Bath.

I never give Z a bath at night even when he was a baby. He rarely sweats a lot so I was contented on giving him a once-a-day bath. I never even give him a punas at night. I’m one of those moms who thinks a little dirt here and there could actually be good for him. If something falls on the floor I say, “Of course dear, you can still eat it.”

Now that he is five, however, everything changed. He became three times more active! Just before the sun goes down you can find him outside playing with our neighbors. I let him play all he wants because he’s an only child and the interaction with other kids would be good for him. The downside is when he comes home he is so sweaty, his hands and feet are black, and even his knees are black from all the playing. He is so dirty that even I can’t take it anymore.

Z was not so keen on the idea of him taking a bath at night. He quickly retorted, “Naligo na ako, di ba?” (I already took a bath, right?” but I was prepared for a battle. Knowing how he loves taking a bath with warm water I quickly prepared a warm bath for him. That and I think his not-so-good feeling with the dirt and grime from too much playing outdoors made him relented. I told him we’re not going to use his usual soap anymore but the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath . I know it’s designed for babies but there’s never a grime too tough to remove with gentle scrubbing. So with that Z came out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. He must have loved it so much he never objected for a bath at night ever since.

Step 2. Give him a soothing massage using JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Lotion.

I know that massages are for babies. It’s also for my husband who comes home tired after a night of hard work. I wasn’t sure how it would benefit my five year old. Would he even keep still while I massage him – I didn’t know.
Not to give up that easily, I put step 2 into action. As soon as I dressed him up after taking a bath I told him I would massage him with his own lotion. He was interested and obliged. I massaged his chest, his back, his arms, and legs. He was attentive the whole time. I found that this was the perfect time to talk to him.  So while I was giving him a soothing massage I also asked him questions about anything. If normally it’s hard for him to focus when I was asking him about certain things because he wants to play, play, and play during this time we can definitely engage in a meaningful conversation. Now I know that massages are perfect for my five year old. It’s definitely a perfect mother and son bonding moment.

Step 3. Time for some Quiet Time

After massaging him with lotion, we start our third step but before that I put Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Powder on him. Reading books was what we did for step three. I already shared to you Z’s favorite book, Goodnight Moon. That’s not the only book we read at night. Z likes this part of the bedtime routine so much that we read three books. It’s great that he likes it so much but I have to be honest here. No matter how I love him so reading the same books every night makes me bored. At one point I was afraid I was going to fall asleep first before he did so sometimes when I’m particularly tired I say to him, “Maybe we can just read one book tonight, Z.” Or sometimes I just breeze through the book so that we can finish faster.

Something happened though that is worth sharing. It was Monday and we were only at Day 3 of doing our bedtime routine. I had just finished reading the book, Go Dog Go, and since it was already the third one I breezed right through it and finished reading it out to him in half the time.

I was hoping he wouldn’t notice how I “cheated” him on the third book.  After I finished reading , I closed the book shut  and looked at him. I was hoping he wouldn’t let me repeat it.  He was silent for a second or two and then  he took the book from me. He opened it and the next thing he did really SURPRISED me that it took  me a minute before I was able to grab the camera.

That’s my son “reading” the book from memory.  I was so stunned that’s why I couldn’t get the camera fast enough. Hearing him read that book brought tears to my eyes. You might be wondering why I was emotional.  It’s because if there’s one thing you still don’t know about Z it’s the fact he doesn’t want me to teach him to speak English. I already tried lots of times but every time I start he would make me stop. So this is the first time I’ve heard him trying to speak in English and also trying to read a book on his own. It made me realize that even though I didn’t put much thought on our reading time he was very much into and he was really listening attentively. That is the benefit the bedtime routine gave us. Aside from a perfect bonding time for the two of us I realized it was also the perfect opportunity to teach him something.


For the Dads out there – and of course, Moms too –  maybe my husband can teach you a thing or two about bedtime routines. He is a natural with kids and he showed me a totally different way to do it. Good thing I was able to capture part of it on video too. So here I present to you a different Bedtime Routine – Dad’s own way.

Step 1. My hubby grew up a prayerful child and that’s one of the things he wanted to impart to his son. They said to teach the child to pray as soon as he can speak and I’m glad through Daddy’s help Z has learned the importance of praying. So their bedtime routine always starts with a short and simple prayer.

Step 2. Did you know that studies have shown a sufficient increase in mathematical abilities, social skills, memory, literacy, and general intelligence in children who take music lessons? Yes, that’s already a proven fact but we don’t need to enroll our kids in expensive music classes. Why do we have to when we can do it in the comfort of our homes – just before they sleep. Don’t know how to do it? Then just watch how my hubby does it with our son. In this video, they’re singing the song, Open the Eyes of My Heart, by Michael Smith.

If you look closely at the video you can see how my son adores his Dad and how his Dad adores him.  While singing they never take their eyes off each other and it’s obvious they both enjoy their simple activity.  I guess this video is enough to convince you how powerful a bedtime routine can be and how great an impact it can have to you and your child’s relationship.  It doesn’t have something that’s boring – it can be something that’s both fun and enjoyable for the parent and the child and my hubby showed the perfect way to do it.

Step 3.  To wind down, hubby will open the Children’s Bible and read Z a short Bible story.  Z’s Bible has lots of pictures and it personally picked by his Dad at the bookstore.  He was really particular with the Bible that he bought (we went to three different bookstores before we found the perfect one) – he wanted something with lots  and lots of colorful pictures.  The pictures would keep Z interested, he said, and that’s his secret.  It worked because Z would always listen attentively every time his Dad would read him a Bible story.

Step 4.  Dad and Z would close their routine with another prayer.  Z has his own special prayer asking Jesus to keep “scary man” out of his dreams.  He would never fail to pray for this every night and I guess it’s his secret why he always sleep soundly at night.

I hope you learned a thing or two about the three bedtime routines I told you about. I am actually on the way and we will be having a new addition to our family in a few months. I’m so excited that now I have lots of experiences with the bedtime routine. With the help of technology, JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Products, and of course, what my  I learned from my husband I am confident our new baby will have a good night’s sleep.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my very long post. I just had to share with all the moms out there what I know. I’m sure you also have your own experiences. Please share your experiences at here and get a chance to win Johnson’s Baby Products.

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  1. What a beautiful write-up.. yes, I have some stories to share about Johnson.. nice products… :)

  2. wow, mommy paula, that’s some bedtime routine you have there!

    we only do the taking a bath and the singing routine every night, maybe i should attend one of those Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Routine Seminars too, don’t you think?

    i enjoyed reading your post!

  3. wow.. keep it up Mom! I am not yet a Mom (not married yet) but I already learned some tips to cherish when I’ll become one.
    Thank you :)

  4. Wow great post! Thanks for sharing your stories! I’m a Dad of a 2-year old boy (check out his baby site – http://inigobautista.wordpress.com) and I decided to bring my family here in the UAE so I could be with them everyday. There’s nothing like a warm touch and embrace from your loved ones! Btw, we also use Johnson’s baby bedtime powder which is also available here in the UAE. God bless

  5. Wow it is very wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it. Love the video of your hubby and Z. They are too close and your blessed to have a wonderful family.

  6. Paula, thanks for sharing your bedtime routine. For me, it’s a bit difficult having to put 5 kids to sleep. Most of the time, they don’t sleep all at the same time. After reading your post, I’m encouraged to try my best to improve our bedtime routine. It usually is just asking them if they have brushed their teeth, say a prayer and sometimes I lull them to sleep (that’s what I usually do with the youngest 2 because they sleep beside me). Well, we can definitely do better than that.

  7. Giving the child a sponge bath and a little baby powder before going to bed will make them feel fresh and relaxed, just like us adult because our weather is very humid. So nice to hear that Z really is very attentive to his mom and dad, this is the stage in child’s life where they absorb so much knowledge and it’s good that both of his parents were there to guide him. Good luck Paula!

  8. I love J&J’s products. I’m using their bedtime lotion after my baby’s night bath :)
    With me baby J’s always singing Iloveu song of Barney before sleeping and we recite the alphabet as well. Thanks for the tip sis.

  9. This is an interesting post..Brilliant ideas. I struggle with putting my 2 children to sleep at night. I will emulate your bedtime routines and see how it works on my chikitings! Can’t wait. This is s very good bonding moment too.

  10. Thanks for sharing your bonding moments with your family, I too being a mom I always find time to bond with my kids but in my case it’s different we have this family day where we enjoyed watching DVD’s, I cooked for them and they helped me prepare the food we’ll going to eat while watching we’re so happy…I have a 9 month old baby and I personally used Johnson baby powder not only for my baby but for the whole family but I haven’t tried the Johnson baby bath maybe I should buy one.

  11. these are great tips and ideas Mommy Paula :) will try to teach my boyfriend this things, lalo na yung sa C :)

  12. you can make a comment with my entry too : http://luckyzoan.blogspot.com/2010/07/my-baby-jbs-bedtime-routine.html

    thanks :) ehehehe

  13. So cute!…I used to be treated like this when I was still young like Zyke. I love it when my mom uses Johnson & Johnson powder at my back. It felt cool and comfy for me and also smells good. My dad used to join me in prayers also before going to bed that’s why I can merely relate. Thanks for sharing Paula!!! God bless to your family…

  14. these are great tips mommy paula! i am sure lots of mommies out there will learn from your experience. i also sang songs to my little when she was still small and we still do to this day. she enjoys them.

    it is indeed important to establish a bedtime routine with your little one. for my little girl, she knows its bed time when we wash up, change clothes and say our evening prayers while i massage her feet.

  15. thanks for sharing this mommy paula! i do read a story to my three-year old boy before he goes to sleep and say a kid’s version of the Our Father. i also taught nursery songs to him and to my surprise, in just a few nights of repetition, he would sing them too.
    thanks again for this! we are truly blessed for being mommies!

  16. i love the last tip.. the one with daddy. very unique! :D thanks for sharing!

  17. melandriaromero Says:

    good luck, really nice tip. I am also lucky because i have no problem with our little Peachy, hope you can read my post too,

  18. Such nice tips! I don’t have any young ones around the house anymore (mine are teens) but I sure wish I had known about these tips when my kids were little! Great post! I know that these tips will help out some of your readers with small children at home! :)

  19. it is nice…i love johnsons too..

  20. My kids were all grown ups but still most of them can’t forget how their mom and dad care for them before bedtime. Kids just loved being pampered! Even up to these days they would still request for J&J’s products!
    Amazing story from a very amazing mom! Thanks for sharing your post. Goodluck

  21. wow thats a great tip, soon i will be a mother and i will never 4get the knowledge that i’d learned thanks!!

    Good luck and God bless.

  22. Very nice Paula. All your bed time routine paids off. bait nman ng anak mo and he is tall for his age. I enjoyed listening him reading the story and you hubbyhas nice voice paula. Thanks for sharing your bed time experience and stories. We love J&J too and used it for night time bath. we used this brand for babylotion, powder bath soap.

  23. Aren’t bedtime routines the GREATEST? :) Thanks for sharing this! It reminded me to cherish our bedtime routines with the kids, and not rush through them, to cherish the moments. :) We do our bedtime prayers and lots of books! But singing like what your hubby did with Z is a good idea too! LOVE IT! :) Thanks so much! God bless always! (Hope you win the contest :) http://trulyrichmom.com :)

  24. Hi Pau,

    I can relate to this as i have 3 of my own however they’re all grown up. I used some of the routines when they were younger. And i can remember my mom used to give me warm bath too before J&J powder too….

    The most important part is the love that goes with it…

  25. I grew up using Johnson’s products. They are always the best. I can always refer back to these tips once I get to have kids of my own :)

  26. I would definitely keep these tips in mind when they are applicable in the future. J&J products are just great. I have been using the J&J Milk Bath for years now morning and evening and its always a wonderful treat.

  27. Hi Paula,

    Whew, such work just to make you kid sleep tight. But I know it’s worth it because our kids are important to us and Johnson’s baby products have always been a part of our baby’s life, like mine, 22 years ago. He, he.

  28. We use Johnson’s products too and love using the bedtime lotion and bedtime bath . I can’t sleep without taking a bath and applying the lotion before going to sleep. Nice post and tips!

  29. hello!

    Nice post. I am not yet a mother or a wife but I enjoyed reading your post. My sister also uses Johnsons products for her kids!

  30. My mom used Johnson products when i was still her baby… too old na me ngayon eh…hehe

    but guess what i use Johnson’s product pa rin…:)

  31. thanks for tips shared here.. i can’t sleep without taking a shower,also my two kids. J&J works best for us..

  32. recording your voice on your cp was a great idea. ako din nmn hindi marunong kumanta pero yung mismong sound ng voice mo is comforting to z in itself :)

    suri ngayon lng nakapagcomment. ehe.

    exchange? LOL


  33. wow sis i enjoyed reading this post.. so lucky naman ng lil boy mo to have parents like you. Ang ganda din ng boses ng hubby mo =)

    I’m also using this lotion, meron din kasi dito. Naging routine ko na rin imassage si anzu para agad makatulog at ng makapag computer na ko =)

    Thanks for sharing

  34. I use Johnson’s bedtime bath and powder and I find these products really great. Besides being affordable, they compliment my skin type nicely. And the baby scent is a plus! :)

  35. You did a great job describing the many ways to help a child settle down for the night. A warm bath and bedtime stories with dimmed lights always worked for us.

  36. me too, im not a mommy but we have a 5 month old baby at home, and baby powder really works for her before going to bed.

  37. cute ng video ng mag-ama singing before going to bed…and the praying time i totally agree with that..with my toddler i already taught him to pray before sleeping and reading the Bible but I haven’t yet found the perfect Bible story for him kasi Thai naman lahat ng books dito:)

    Galing naman ng mga routines mo sis and thanks for sharing..kami din ni hyzyd can’t sleep without taking showers together and we’re avid J and J users too. I used the one for adults and sarap talaga ng tulog para kasing may aromatherapy yong lotion:)

  38. wow, I’m not married yet but dreaming having a child is one factor why I want to get married. ^_^ . these tips is very helpful sis Paula. The video with his dad is so cute .. Thanks for sharing!

  39. I don’t have yet baby but i used johnsons poewder before..tnx..

  40. Im a johnson’s baby… love the products.. well done write-up.

  41. Very good bedtime rituals Mommy…I might try to recording myself too. Pa kopya :) My toddler loves to listen to songs.

  42. I wish i still have small kids so i can try those products. I can relate your story. Good job Mommy Paula.

  43. Wow, thanks everyone for all your heartwarming comments. My entry is one of the five lucky winners of 2k worth of Johnson & Johnson products because of your support. Thank you again!

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