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13 Aug 10

Glee Store will Open at Macy ...

Good news to all the Gleeks out there.  Macy’s will be opening the Glee line of apparel and clothing this Sunday.  The store will be selling clothes made popularized by the cast of Glee like the Cheerios uniform for those who want to look like Quin Fabray, preppy miniskirts for Rachel Berry wannabes, and even tracksuits like those always worn by antihero, Sue Sylvester.

Now Gleeks or fans of Glee can wear their outfits while singing their favorite Glee medley.

Glee was an international hit when it launched earlier this year, and recently received 19 Emmy nominations.

13 Aug 10

Solo Parents Act Filed by Loren Lega ...

Even though my husband and I are not solo parents, sometimes we still feel how hard it is to raise our son. Now that we’re going to have two children we get scared just thinking how we are going to raise the two of them. That’s why I was glad when I heard Sen. Loren Legarda has filed Senate Bill No. 1439 or the “Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2010.”

This is what I got from Sen. Loren Legarda’s website:

1. Ten percent (10%) discount from all purchases of clothing and clothing materials for the child for two (2) years from child birth;
2. Fifteen (15%) discount from all purchases of baby’s milk, food and food supplements;
3. Fifteen (15%) percent discount from all purchases of medicines and other medical supplements/ supplies for the child; and
4. Basic personal exemption from individual income tax.

“A “Solo Parent” refers to a parent who is left alone with the responsibility of parenthood due to death, detention, mental incapacity or legal separation with spouse. It also refers to women who became pregnant due to abuse.”

Legarda explained, “Double hardship saddles solo parents. They perform parental duties single-handedly in the face of economic turmoil that is characterized by skyrocketing prices, poverty and massive unemployment.”

“There is a need to amend Republic Act No. 8972, otherwise known as the Solo Parent’s Welfare Act to address the financial concerns of solo parents amidst the economic difficulties that the country is experiencing.”

“The enactment of this proposed measure will help lessen the financial burden carried by solo parents by affording them additional remuneration to be able to provide a better future for their children, “Legarda concluded.

One thing that caught my eye was that solo parents who are not legally separated and those who were never married to their partner but was left alone to raise their child single handedly are not included in the definition of “Solo Parent.” I think a large portion of the single parents fall under that category so this can only help a few people.  Nevertheless, this is better than nothing so kudos to the senator for this act.

13 Aug 10

Online Schools ...

Two decades ago, online schools were unheard of. Young people who had to work to earn a living got to choose between going to school and working. Moms who were tied down at home to take care of their children have to wait for their children to grow up before thinking of continuing their education. People who were disabled and can’t go to school every day just forego their education altogether.

Now, thanks to technology online schools have given these people an option to continue their education. In an Online School the student is given access to a website portal for their class. Through this website they can also access their assignments, required readings, and syllabus. Professors can be reached via email or by the traditional phone.

I’m glad more and more people are opening their mind about online education. Who knows maybe in the distant future this will become the norm instead of the exception.

12 Aug 10

Perseid Meteor Shower Alert on Thurs ...

If you’d like to see a different kind of show in the skies then be ready to stay outdoors on Thursday night.  The Perseid meteor shower August 2010 will be lighting up the skies and its peak would be on Thursday night and Friday morning.  LA Times reported that the Perseid meteor would be unusually bright this year.  If you want to get a preview of what the Perseid meteor looks like then check out the YouTube video below:

Want to know more about the Perseid Meteor Shower?  Read this information I got from NASA website:

Comet of Origin: 109P/Swift-Tuttle
Radiant: constellation Perseus
Active: Perseids begin to rise early August.
Peak Activity: Aug. 12-13, 2010
Peak Activity Meteor Count: Approximately 50 meteors per hour
Time of Optimal Viewing: Crescent moon will set early in the evening, allowing for dark skies all the way up until peak viewing just before dawn
Meteor Velocity: 61 kilometers (38 miles) per second
Note: The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most consistent performers and considered by many as 2010’s best shower. The meteors they produce are among the brightest of all meteor showers.

12 Aug 10

How to Review Your Kids for Their Qu ...

My son’s school is going to have their quarterly exams next week.  I only learned today so I was a bit surprised when I read the note from their teacher informing parents about the upcoming exam.  The exam is only four days away but good thing we are thoroughly prepared this time.

So how do you review your kids for their quarterly exams?  Well, sorry to disappoint you but there’s no secret here.  The key is to review your child even when there are no exams.  You and your child should make it a habit to study every day after school so that when exam time comes your child has already a good grasp of the different lessons.

We don’t really spend such a long time studying everyday.  Our shortest study period is an hour and the longest is two hours.  At that span of time, he can already finish his assignments and I can already refresh his memory on what the teacher thought that morning.  He is only five years old so the short study time ensures that he looks forward to our lessons and I don’t get mad when he’s not paying attention.  Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

11 Aug 10

Kitten with Four Ears ...

Have you seen the kitten with four ears?  No, I’m not yet losing my mind because the kitten with four ears really do exist and I have seen its picture. Just look at the picture below.  I wonder if her hearing is twice than normal too.

11 Aug 10

Mariel Rodriguez – Robin Padil ...

Mariel Rodriguez shared this photo of him and Robin taken presumably at their dressing room thanking everybody who watched Pilipinas Win na Win. I admit they look so good together. Even if Robin is considerably older than Mariel and already has a lot of kids he still looks young and cute. Mariel and Robin are the hottest showbiz couple nowadays with their whirlwind romance being watched by Filipinos worldwide. I wonder if their romance will last or will she just be another woman in the list of Robin’s conquest?

11 Aug 10

A Good Habit ...

Studying everyday was never a habit I had when I was in school.  I would cram the night before the exam and would stay up all night studying.  I had to double my energy just like a vehicle with a car air intake so my performance would improve the night before my exam.  It worked for me from grade school to high school but in college it didn’t work anymore.  That’s why I want to instill in Z the habit of studying everyday.

Fortunately, Z’s teacher makes it so easy for me to review their lessons every day.  When I open Z’s diary after school I would find there the page numbers we have to study aside from the assignment.  Before I used to ignore the study pages and would proceed to the assignment right away.  Good thing I finally realized the wisdom of Z’s teacher.  So now we do a little studying every afternoon and I don’t have to guess what they did at school.

Their first quarterly exam is in two months and because of this study habit I’m confident we won’t be cramming.  I’m glad Z is very attentive when we do our study sessions.  I hope I instill in him the love for learning that when he’s old enough he would learn to study all by himself and in his own initiative.

09 Aug 10

Mom and Baby Care Seminar at Rustan& ...

I still have my gift certificate at Rustan’s which I like to use asap and I would surely benefit from this seminar so I hope I can go here.  The problem is my schedule is super packed.  We’re going to sleep over at my Dad’s on Friday night and I don’t know how to go to Makati from there.   Plus I have a five-year old tagging along.  Is it still a good idea for me to go?

07 Aug 10

Coconut Crab – The Largest Cra ...

The Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) is the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world. It lives  in the tropical Indian Ocean and the Pacific.  It got its name by its ability to crack coconuts with its strong pincers. Yes, if it can crack coconuts then it must be big!  Just look at the picture below: