18 Aug 10

Laptop Insurance is What I Need ...

I’m so grateful for the laptop I’m using. It has been my companion for two years already. It has accompanied me from my very first job online. It has seen me cry with frustration and laugh with delight. It has witnessed my journey towards working-at-home.

I swear it is the most dependable laptop ever! It has never conked out on me. It has been an obedient slave to my fingers. That’s why I have grown so fond of it over the years.

But now that it’s already two years old I am beginning to get scared. It’s still as obedient as ever but I can feel that it’s getting worn out. I know sooner or later it will retire. How I wish we were able to get a laptop insurance. Laptop insurance will protect your laptop from replacement costs from the day you sign up up to 12 months. Since I can’t afford to be without one even for one day because this helps me with my job I need to be prepared in case the worst but inevitable thing happens. I will still inquire if they accept old laptops. If they do I would have to sign up right away.

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