23 Jul 10

Foreclosed Properties – A Good ...

One of the real estate tips I’ve learned is that if you can buy foreclosures as part of your real estate portfolio then go ahead as foreclosed properties are more cheaper.

It was our dream to buy a foreclosed house before. We searched for the requirements online and even thought of attending a seminar so we could learn how. There are many agencies that would help you in dealing with foreclosed properties.  We became interested in foreclosed properties after learning how expensive the house and lots are in the metro.

Well, it seems God has a different plan for us as now we have a house – not our own but we’re living here for free and by ourselves thanks to the generosity of my MIL. We’re quite contented but I still wish in the near future we’ll be able to experience buying our own property – whether foreclosed or brand new. It’s still different when you acquire something out of your own money. The satisfaction of knowing that you own something because of your hard work is indeed priceless.

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