23 Jul 10

Baby is Moving ...

I don’t remember Z moving this early when he was still in my tummy but I’m sure that’s because I was then busy with my call center work, confused and scared being it was my first time and all.  So I was quite surprised when three weeks ago I felt baby moving in my tummy.  At first I thought it was just my imagination but then it occurred so frequently and consistently every day that I finally accepted it’s real and that it’s baby moving inside.  I don’t know how I can describe it to you but it’s like a bubble popping inside my stomach.  It doesn’t hurt but it sure feels weird.  I can definitely see some of baby’s personality as early as now, would you believe?  Baby moves more aggressively when I’m lying on my stomach or sideways.  I think baby doesn’t like it!  So sorry baby, I’m not used sleeping on my back but I guess I have to learn quick.  I definitely get your message loud and clear.  LOL!

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