17 Jun 10

Toy Story 3 ...

Toy Story 3 opens today, June 17, at cinemas and since we’re having a movie marathon – not the kind where you watch movies all day long but meaning we’re watching all kiddie movies until the baby arrives – we’ll surely watch this one this weekend. I have seen the trailer and in Toy Story 3 Andy goes to college and so the toys were donated to a preschool (I think!). I don’t know what happened there (I still have to watch it remember) but maybe the kids are so mean that the toys have to escape. Well, we just have to watch to get the full details, don’t we.
Don’t wait too long because if you’re going to watch it at any SM Cinema you will have a chance to win 5 days and 4 nights trip to Hongkong Disneyland!  Promo is from June 17 to June 27.

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