27 May 10

Verifying your Paypal Using Eon R ...

I finally got my Eon card and I thought I could verify my Paypal right away but sadly, I found out that there are so many steps for me to do first. *sigh  I have paid the annual fee of P350 but I didn’t deposit any money in my account which is required because Paypal will deduct money from there during the verification process.  So I’ll go back tomorrow to deposit and double check my account information so I won’t have any problem next time.

By the way, this is what I found at myLot – the step-by-step process of verifying your Paypal through Eon.  It’s really helpful so I hope you read it.

1. Go to the nearest unionbank to apply for an EON card. Tell that you would apply for an EON card. They would ask you for 2 valid ID’s, one photocopy each. I brought my student ID and certified true copy of NSO birth certificate and they accepted it. They have a list of valid ID’s at their website, just check them out.

*They don’t offer online applications anymore so you personally have to go there.

2. After reviewing your ID’s, the teller give you an application form. While filling up the form, make sure to give correct details and clear handwriting.They actually misread my address there that even though I stated “Regina Village”, they put in their records “Regina Street” and my zip code was 1100 even though what I’ve written was 1116. So make sure to double check. It is important you have a valid information because you will need that later on in verifying you paypal.

3. Submit your application form. You don’t have to pay anything yet by this time. They will give you a calling card and tell you the date when your card will arrive. It will take 7 banking days so if you applied monday, your card will be ready by tuesday next week. Make sure to call before going there and ask if your card is ready to be claimed.

4. Once they tell you that your card is ready for pick-up, go to the branch you applied for. You will have to pay 350 pesos for the annual fee then they will give you your card along with its PIN number on a sealed paper.

*Once they receive the payment, your card will start to be activated and it will complete in 24 hours.
*EON is also a deposit account, meaning you could use it as bank account in paypal which I would show in later.

5. Fill-up a deposit slip and have 100 pesos deposited in your EON account. The account number can be found below your name on the card.

*For paypal, you need to load your eon card at least 100 pesos for the code they will later on send you. You could load as much as 500 pesos because if you input the wrong details that they would ask of you during the verification process, you will be charged 250 pesos. Well, that’s just to be safe and avoid problems.

6. Go online and log-on to unionbank’s EON cyber account log-in. Click “Enroll Here”

7. Input the card number which is found at the middle portion of the card and then input the PIN number which is the PIN found on the sealed paper that they gave you. Then nominate a username.

8. Once you’ve enrolled, wait for two banking days for the cyber account to be activated. If you enrolled your EON on a weekend, your cyber account will be activated on a tuesday.

*The cyber account is needed in order to see the transactions that paypal will make with your account.
*If you cannot log-in, it means your cyber account is not yet activated so have to wait longer. You will receive and email from them anyway that your cyber account is activated.

9. Once your cyber account is activated, log-in using your nominated username and PIN number. Check if the 100-peso deposit was reflected in your account. Then check your profile and put in the necessary information, especially the address.

10. Sign-up for a paypal account.

11. Verify your account using your EON card. Choose VISA as the card type. Type in your name (which should match the one on your card). Type in the address. Make sure it is the same with the one on your EON cyber account profile. Then put in your 16-digit card number which could be found in the middle of your EON card, the one above your name. Put in the expiry date located at the left of the VISA logo of your card. Then put the security number which is the 3-digit number located at the back of your EON card.

12. After linking your card, paypal will send you an EXPUSE number which would be reflected in your EON cyber account in no less than a minute.

13. Go back to your cyber account. You will see that your 100 pesos was deducted. Click ” deposit accounts” under account type and in the options choose “last 10 transactions”

14. You would see VISA-****PAYPAL–*EXPUSE with the four asterisks being the paypal verification code. Copy the code and paste in on your paypal verification code. Then you’re done. You wouldn’t have to wait for 3 days to a month in order to get the verification (EXPUSE) code. You will recieve a paypal bonus which is the amount they deducted from your EON account. So basically, you would get you 100 pesos back.

15. On your paypal page, click on profile and then add bank account.

16. Put in your name and then put in UnionBank of the Philippines as your bank name. Put in 010419995 as the bank code. Put in your 12-digit account number found below your name in your EON card. And then click continue.

You now have a bank account which you could use to withdraw your paypal earnings to. It would be cheaper that way compared to withdrawing it to your card.

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting this. I am going to apply for EON to withdraw my online earnings. This simplifies everything. By the way I have an EON payroll card can this be used with paypal or just plainly the EON debit card? How long did you wait for your card. Someone in My Lot said it took him a month to get the card.

  2. Uh-oh, I’m not familiar with the Eon Payroll Card, sorry but it took me only two weeks to get my Eon card.

  3. Good info sis. I am still using my EON card fromPinas even though I am here in Norway now. The problem is that everytime I do withdrawals I got too much of fees but it is ok as long as it works.lol.

    Visiting from bc bloggers!

  4. cool… i already have an eon card and got money in my paypal, but i cannot link my paypal to my eon card, its maybe because i didn’t deposit an amount in my bank account… i’ll try depositing tomorrow, maybe this will solve the problem.

    Thanks man.

  5. I just got my eon card today! its not activated though still need to wait 24 hrs i think. I tried to register at cyber account but it says i need to enter a valid card number or username. is it because my account is not activated yet thats why i cant register? is it ok if i add my eon bank account already in paypal even if my account is not activated yet? hope you can answer my questions. thanks! very nice post very informative!

  6. pwede ko po bang gamitin ung eon ng mother ko? pwede po bang i verify kahit hindi match ang paypal name ko sa eon name?sabi nila dapat match ang name pag widthraw pero sa pag verify match po dapat talaga?

  7. can i use my mothers eon to verify my paypal? can i verify it even thought the name in my paypal is diff from the eon?

  8. I enrolled my EON card on their website last thursday night… After that I went to Paypal (on that night also even my EON Cyber Account is not activated yet) to Link my Paypal acct. to my EON… Paypal said that I need to wait 48 hours for my 4 digit activation code…

    My question is.

    is it OK that I linked my papypal acct. to my eon card even my eon is not activated yet?

  9. I enrolled my account last wednesday night, why isn’t it active now? :( thanks

  10. wait, which name should i put on the “Name on Account” field?

    They made a silly mistake of mistyping my name on the card,
    but the name on my account is my full name.

    the name on my paypal account is just my first name (i have three) + my last name.

    would this be a problem?

  11. I’ve just verified my eon card to my paypal account, thanks to you…I could have been in limbo if not for your help…once again, thanks!!

  12. hi pau! thanks for writing this blog.. I got my problem solved after reading it.. thanks a lot!!! =)

  13. Thank you for this guide.. It has helped me all the way!

  14. Hi Guys,
    This is a very nice and informative blog. Thanks for sharing it :)

    Yes, you can use your mother’s EON card to get verified by PayPal. However, you can’t use it to withdraw your money from PayPal. This is because the name registered on your PayPal account must match the name registered on your bank account. Each time you make a transfer request, PayPal automatically includes your registered name with your bank information. Please take note that your first name and surname on your Paypal account must match the name of your bank account. If it does not, the withdrawal request will be rejected by UnionBank.
    I would suggest that you apply for your EON card to avoid having problems in withdrawing your money. Hope this helped.

    Your EON card is automatically activated after 24 hours. However you can link your EON to PayPal even if your Online banking is not yet activated. Just call our Customer Service at 8418600 or go to your maintaining branch to get the expanded use number. Hope this helped.

    Your Online Banking should be activated after 2 Banking days. If ever you still cannot log in after 2 Banking days, I would suggest that you call our Customer Service at 8418600 or email them at customer.service@unionbankph.com and ask for the status of your application. Hope this helped.

    From what I know, as long as the first name and the surname on your PayPal account to your Bank Account are match, there should be no problem.
    I would suggest that you request for a card replacement to correct your name on your card. Hope this helped.

    By the way guys, we’re having a promo for all our Visa Debit Cardholders. Use your card at eBay and get a 5% rebate for all purchases made from July 23 to August 22 2010. AND we’ll give you a 2GO Cargo coupon if you link your card to PayPal during the promotion period. Know more about it here. http://unionbankph.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1840&Itemid=269

    If you have problems with your EON and other UnionBank products, please visit our website @www.unionbankph.com. You can also add us on our facebook.com/unionbankph or follow us on twitter.com @unionbankph.

    Thank you!

    UnionBank of the Philippines

  15. thanks for the guide. :D

  16. thank you very much,
    Ive been frustrated for the past few days for not being able to find the expuse number and *facepalm* there it was right under my nose.

    awesome guide 5 stars

  17. I wasn’t wrong following your instructions. Your step-by-step guide is really very helpful and hassle-free. Thanks so much and keep up your kind deeds. :D

  18. This is truly an informative post…This is my guide when I verify my Paypal with my EON Card…Thanks a lot!

  19. hi! tnx so much for this article. i was able to verify my paypal account using this article. Im currently waiting for the transfer of my money from paypal to my bank account.

  20. This is really a good site for info. Well I wanna share my experience. I am from cebu and everything was so easy for me. All I did was apply on their website.
    2. After filling the form they will give you a reference number.
    3. Take note of the reference number and prepare (2) two valid IDs photocopy each.
    4. One ID should have your signature on it.
    5. Go to the branch were you wanted to claim your card.
    6. You need to go to the teller for new accounts.
    7. Present the requirements and they will ask you for your SIGNATURE.
    8. ONLY 30 mins wait. The teller told me to pay only P350 and I deposited P200 for PAYPAL
    9. I checked on the ATM and its automatically ACTIVATED.
    10. I logged in the website and I register for online but you need to wait 2 days to get it activated online.
    11. Once YOUR EON CARD IS ACTIVATED ONLINE that is the time you can link it to your paypal… HOPE MY INFO HELPS… TY..

  21. @chinski and UnionBank I already got my card last thursday and I am waiting for my cyber account to be activated. I tried linking it to my paypal but it says my cardholder did not approve my card. So does this emans that I need to wait first for my cyber account to be activated before I link it to my paypal?Pleaseeee help here.Thanks

  22. Thanks for the detailed info on how to use eon card. I was like crazy thinking how’d I withdraw my money from paypal. whew!

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