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30 Apr 10

Fundraising Ideas ...

Raising funds is not easy. I admire people who take it upon themselves to raise funds to help those who are needy. Sometimes it takes creativity to be able to think of successful fundraising ideas. Even the churches who goes out of their way to help the poor need to be creative for their church fundraiser ideas.
I remember one story about this. It’s actually related to the game bingo. Back in 1930s when Bingo was just gaining popularity a clergyman approached the person who devised the game of Bingo. The clergyman wanted to use the game for fundraising in their church but in order for the fundraising to be successful they need at least 6,000 bingo cards. If you’re familiar with the game bingo you’ll know that each bingo card should be unique to ensure that only one will win in the game. So they approached a mathematics professor and paid him for the task. The payment was going to get bigger for each unique number combination bingo card he devised. It was pretty easy at first but soon it became harder and harder. The professor realized too late how hard his task was. He completed all the 6,000 cards alright but it cost him his sanity. Poor guy. This is actually a true story you can go and research for the history of Bingo.
Thankfully, now nobody has to lose their minds for fundraising events like that.  We have computers now to make our job easier and we have companies that can help us think of fundraising ideas. Instead of a bingo fundraiser they can opt for a lollipop fundraiser which can be highly profitable because they are so easy to sell as well as selling funny tshirts. Whatever fundraising idea they come up with it’s better to do research first to ensure a successful fundraising event.

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  1. Always glad to see posts about different fundraising ideas.

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