25 Mar 10

My Goal this Summer – 101 Ways ...

School is out! My son is finally going to get his medal tomorrow for having the fifth highest mark in his class. While I’m so excited for this milestone in my son’s life I am also dreading the long and hot summer ahead. I’m sure  like me many parents are also scratching their heads on how to keep their children busy during school break. Some are already scrambling to find sports clinics and summer classes that can keep their kids happy this summer. While those options can keep our children busy for some time they won’t be able to entertain them the whole day. So in my quest for activities that I can do with Z that havethe three-fold purpose of keeping him busy, teaching him something, and most importantly be a bonding activity with his mommy I stumbled upon an educational site that teaches parents and caregivers specific activities they can do with their children.

101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy can help you help the children you care for to grow and develop. It’s full of wonderful ideas of things you can plan and do with your children.

Young children are supposed to be active, curious, questioning, busy, and a host of other things.

We hope you’ll use 101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy and we hope you’ll make every effort to help your children grow and develop to the fullest.

So they have done the hard work of putting together this masterpiece and I only have to follow it. Sounds easy, right? Therefore, this is my goal this summer – to finish all the items listed in 101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy!


This is why I’ve come up with the 101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy this Summer meme. I know I’m not the only parent looking for ways to bond with their kids. If you’re like me at loss at what activities to do I suggest you print the 101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy guide and choose one activity to do with your child. It could be one activity per day, twice a week, thrice a week – your pace is entirely up to you. Make a blog post about it so we can help other mommies looking for things to do with their children – if you put a picture or a video then the better  – and then head back here and submit your url at Mr. Linky after my latest 101 Ways post. Because it’s my personal goal to complete all the 101 things listed there I would try to post one activity everyday making this an everyday thing for me. If you would like to do this everyday too then God bless you because it’s nice to know someone is there with me but if it’s a weekly thing for you then I’m still happy for you.  You can also post your own activities that are not in the link I provided as long as it’s things you do with your kids.

So are you up to the challenge? I know our kids are going to be the winners in this so I really hope a lot of moms join me. Lastly, don’t forget to grab our button! This would officially start on Monday, March 29, 2010. Goodluck to all of us, mommies!


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  1. i would love to join :D count me in! this is a great idea!
    by the way, does this post have to be up on Mondays?

  2. by the way, im linking this post to my mommy moments entry this week :)

  3. wahmsapinas Says:

    thanks, Chris! This is an everyday meme meaning the Mr Linky will be here everyday but participants can pick any day they want to join or how often they want to do it. If they choose mondays then mondays it is or if they’ll do it twice a week or five times a week like me then it’s up to them. :)

  4. This is a great idea!

  5. Great, great, great! Count me and the boys in!

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