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30 Mar 10

Activity #2 – Obstacle Course ...


I thought I won’t be able to pull of an obstacle course in our small apartment but I was wrong!

An obstacle course can be set up either in or out of doors. Chairs, old tires, stools, and cardboard boxes are just a few things that can be used. Make and show the children the pattern of the course so that they know what they have to crawl over, under, or through.

So I rearranged our furniture including 2 sofa, 1 dining table, 4 chairs, and 1 small table and set up our obstacle course game. I didn’t know how to explain to Z what an obstacle course is until inspiration struck and I remembered one of his favorite shows on TV5 was an obstacle course game. His eyes lit up and managed our obstacle course from then on. He gave instructions, added some variations, changed the rules and totally owned it. He jumped on top of our sofa, crawled under the dining table, did a head stand on our sofa, and stood up on our chairs. When he got all tired and sweaty he told me it was my turn. I wanted to say no but he wouldn’t hear any of it so I had to jump and crawl all the way through our obstacle course. Whew, by the end of it both of us were tired and sweaty. This is really a fun game I’m sure you and your kids would have fun time doing it together.

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  1. Naku, I can imagine what riot this obstacle course wil be for my boys! It sure looks fun, kaya lang I don’t want to crawl too, hahaha.

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