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30 Mar 10

Activity #2 – Obstacle Course ...


I thought I won’t be able to pull of an obstacle course in our small apartment but I was wrong!

An obstacle course can be set up either in or out of doors. Chairs, old tires, stools, and cardboard boxes are just a few things that can be used. Make and show the children the pattern of the course so that they know what they have to crawl over, under, or through.

So I rearranged our furniture including 2 sofa, 1 dining table, 4 chairs, and 1 small table and set up our obstacle course game. I didn’t know how to explain to Z what an obstacle course is until inspiration struck and I remembered one of his favorite shows on TV5 was an obstacle course game. His eyes lit up and managed our obstacle course from then on. He gave instructions, added some variations, changed the rules and totally owned it. He jumped on top of our sofa, crawled under the dining table, did a head stand on our sofa, and stood up on our chairs. When he got all tired and sweaty he told me it was my turn. I wanted to say no but he wouldn’t hear any of it so I had to jump and crawl all the way through our obstacle course. Whew, by the end of it both of us were tired and sweaty. This is really a fun game I’m sure you and your kids would have fun time doing it together.

28 Mar 10

Activity #1 – Have a Telephone ...


The makeshift telephone concept consisting of two plastic cups with a thread connecting them is already familiar to me. I may have already read about it in books or seen it on TV but never in the life of me would I think of doing it with Z. That’s why I’m really thankful with the 101 Ways to Keep Busy Guide. Now Z and me would never run out of things to do.

Making the telephone was really easy. I didn’t realize I have all the things I needed in our house.


What you will need: Two plastic cups, needle, thread, scissors.

And of course, your curious little one! Just look at Z’s face – he’s definitely curious on what’s going to happen next.


Thread the needle and then prick a hole at the bottom of both cups.

It just took me 10 minutes to do this.


But we spent hours of fun and laughter!


Instructions say the string should be 15 to 20 feet but I suggest a shorter one. It’s really hard to manage a longer string since it has to be taut for it to work. The last photo was really priceless. That’s the happiest smile I was able to capture in years! Z was raving about it all day about how really happy he was with our activity. We’re only at activity 1 but I’m already reaping rewards. 1 down 100 to go! Whee!

25 Mar 10

My Goal this Summer – 101 Ways ...

School is out! My son is finally going to get his medal tomorrow for having the fifth highest mark in his class. While I’m so excited for this milestone in my son’s life I am also dreading the long and hot summer ahead. I’m sure  like me many parents are also scratching their heads on how to keep their children busy during school break. Some are already scrambling to find sports clinics and summer classes that can keep their kids happy this summer. While those options can keep our children busy for some time they won’t be able to entertain them the whole day. So in my quest for activities that I can do with Z that havethe three-fold purpose of keeping him busy, teaching him something, and most importantly be a bonding activity with his mommy I stumbled upon an educational site that teaches parents and caregivers specific activities they can do with their children.

101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy can help you help the children you care for to grow and develop. It’s full of wonderful ideas of things you can plan and do with your children.

Young children are supposed to be active, curious, questioning, busy, and a host of other things.

We hope you’ll use 101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy and we hope you’ll make every effort to help your children grow and develop to the fullest.

So they have done the hard work of putting together this masterpiece and I only have to follow it. Sounds easy, right? Therefore, this is my goal this summer – to finish all the items listed in 101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy!


This is why I’ve come up with the 101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy this Summer meme. I know I’m not the only parent looking for ways to bond with their kids. If you’re like me at loss at what activities to do I suggest you print the 101 Ways to Keep Kids Busy guide and choose one activity to do with your child. It could be one activity per day, twice a week, thrice a week – your pace is entirely up to you. Make a blog post about it so we can help other mommies looking for things to do with their children – if you put a picture or a video then the better  – and then head back here and submit your url at Mr. Linky after my latest 101 Ways post. Because it’s my personal goal to complete all the 101 things listed there I would try to post one activity everyday making this an everyday thing for me. If you would like to do this everyday too then God bless you because it’s nice to know someone is there with me but if it’s a weekly thing for you then I’m still happy for you.  You can also post your own activities that are not in the link I provided as long as it’s things you do with your kids.

So are you up to the challenge? I know our kids are going to be the winners in this so I really hope a lot of moms join me. Lastly, don’t forget to grab our button! This would officially start on Monday, March 29, 2010. Goodluck to all of us, mommies!


22 Mar 10

Going to Church ...

We went to Church last Sunday. Ever since we had a car we hadn’t missed a single service. That’s something to celebrate, right? It’s even going better than ever since Z started going to Sunday School. For two years he refused to be left there alone so we had to tag him along at the grownup church. I wanted him so bad to be left there because he’ll learn so much in Sunday school but he would cry every time. Now everything has changed and we’re looking forward to a year of going to church.

19 Mar 10

This is Why I'm Working Hard ...

This is why I’m working hard. John Mayer in Manila why do you have to be so EXPENSIVE! huhuhu

17 Mar 10

License Got Confiscated ...

Hubby is on his way to the city hall. Last Monday on the way to his singing gig he was apprehended for beating the red light. No, he’s not a reckless driver it’s just that he saw an MMDA signal him and another car to proceed so they did. In the middle they got stuck in traffic and that’s when the red light turned to green and the traffic enforcer confiscated both of their licenses. He’s really sad this happened and now he’s off there to get his license back. I do hope he gets it today because we’re supposed to a book sale tomorrow but I have a feeling because of the way things work in the government he wouldn’t be able to get it in one day.

16 Mar 10

Adarna One-Hour Book Sale ...

Adarna Publishing House is having a one-hour sale this Saturday, March 20, 2010. The sale is only applicable for their storybooks and each customer can only buy 30 storybooks for the low price of P30.00.

I hope I’ll be able to convince my husband to go there this Saturday. If we’ll go I will really hoard on their books since Z is so interested in stories. He reminds me of myself really when I was very little. I know that pretty soon, once he’ll be able to read he’ll devour the all the books in no time just like I did. We have to prepare in that when that time comes we have to make sure we healthy stock of books at our house.

07 Mar 10

Working Harder = Poorer Health ...

Usually when I wake up in the morning I feel refreshed and ready to work but this morning when I woke up it felt as though I hadn’t rested at all. It’s a Sunday so I was able to take a break from my online activities and we went to Church but I still wasn’t feeling well outside. Good thing we went home right away after the service. At home, I wanted to start working but I felt I was too tired. So I took a 3 hour nap which helped me feel better. I felt a little bit better but when I looked at the mirror I was shocked to see I was so pale. I looked like a vampire, really with all the blood drained from my face. Last month when I consulted a doctor for another illness she remarked that I’m not anemic but my RBC count is in the low treshold. She urged me to eat green leafy vegetables or take iron supplements which I did not heed. Maybe I should really start taking care of myself. Who said working at home is easier? I am working harder now than I used to when I was working in the office but one thing was different I love working at home so I have the motivation.

03 Mar 10

He Makes Me Happy ...

My husband and I don’t usually see each other eye-to-eye. Although we both love being in front of the computer usually we’re doing different things. He likes playing online games while I love blogging. He wouldn’t touch the things I do with a ten-foot pole while I don’t like it when he’s playing. I thought we would never be interested in the same things like we were when we were dating.  Lately, however, things changed as he became more interested in blogging. It didn’t happened just like that. It started when I started supporting him with his games. I never supported his interest because I thought it would take more time away from us but how wrong I was. After I did that he started taking interest in blogging and as a matter of fact he’s maintaining his own blogs now. He’s not only supporting me in blogging but my other online endeavors as well. Recently, I was frustrated with an article that took me a lot of hours to write.  I was already sick and tired with the article and the last thing I wanted was to proof it so just out of whim,  I asked him if he could proof it. He was at the office at that time and I braced myself for his refusal but surprisingly, he said yes. He proofed it and edited my mistakes. When he came home he surprised me further by saying that from now on he’ll be the one proofing my articles which  means less work for me. He even said he can do the writing if I do the research. He can do it with no problem at all. My eyes grew big when I heard that. He’s always complaining how busy he is at his office but now he’s taking time out of his busy schedule to help me out. I was so speechless with happiness! Ain’t I so lucky to have him? I really really love him for what he’s doing. I hope I can show my support to him the same way he’s supporting. He’s making me really happy.

02 Mar 10

Ice Cream Surprise ...

My husband came home today with ice cream. I was surprised because he rarely buys treats like that if I didn’t ask him to and sometimes even if I asked him he still forgets. So that’s how surprised I was that he bought something without consulting me first. Yes, he always consults me and sometimes it can drive me crazy but most of the time I’m flattered. So going back to the ice cream when I saw the flavor I immediately knew it was not for me. He bought ube flavored ice cream the flavor he loves so I knew it was for himself. So much for the surprise I thought. If he really wanted to please me he knows he’ll have to buy chocolate or cookies and cream flavor. Anyway, I didn’t realize that I so missed eating ice cream that I was the first one to dig in and it was really good. I can’t describe it but I was so pleased he bought it. It was a good thing to eat while relaxing from my hectic schedule at home. Just typing this makes me so hungry again that I think I’m going to eat ice cream again after this.