18 Mar 14

My little boy Eli’s ...

Every night before we go to sleep my little boy would request for some quality time with me. He would bring out his favorite elephant puppet and we would play with each other. He would tell Eli – that’s the name of his elephant – about his toys and Eli would listen attentively. This would be our normal routine every night.

One time he found an old flute. I showed him how to use it by blowing in the opening. He was delighted with the sound it made and quickly copied. Since he is only two years old I didn’t know if he would be able to do it. Amazingly he was able to do it. He had a big green on his face afterwards. This is why I’m thinking of giving him an affordable flute as a gift on his birthday. I’m sure he will love it.

16 Mar 14

Roland UM One MK2 ...

Online web store is the best place to find for guitars and their accessories. There is a wide range of various types of guitars and accessories to choose from any brands like Roland and Yamaha. If you are also looking for a compact, easy to use and affordable USB MIDI interface, roland um one mk2 is the right one for your gadget. You can have also any digital equipment like music software, hardware and synthesizers.

28 Feb 14

Coffin Cases ...

Good to hear from my hubby that he found right away a coffin case that is suitable for her sister’s guitar that was purchased two years ago. It’s very similar to the Coffin Cases from musicians friend that looks perfect and presentable to carry everywhere to go. But the problem was, he didn’t bring home the one that I asked him. I felt jealous already to my sister in law. But anyway he promised me to go shopping anything that I want. LOL

10 Feb 14

Sharon and KC ...

I’m a big fan of mother and daughter Sharon and KC.

I like the way they laugh and smile but I love KC in her simple way.


31 Jan 14

Hammond Keyboards ...

I know what and where to find one of the legendary organs, it is the hammond keyboards at guitar center and our church owns one of the Hammond keyboard. When our pianist plays it, the sound coming out generate vibration as if it bounces to the wall and all throughout the room. He is our long time pianist and he’s the only one who handles it since it came in to the church. But it still looks new as he cared it so much.

30 Jan 14

Mens Frames ...

At first glance you will not notice the difference between men’s frames and women’s frames but there’s always a variation. Men’s frames are bigger; as we can see men’s face structure is completely differ from a woman. Just find these exciting new trendy mens frames for yourself. The most important thing to consider in choosing the right frame is that you’ll feel comfortable in wearing them, choose the best style that will reflect your personality.

29 Jan 14

Philadelphia Insurance Agent ...

If you are planning to purchase an insurance policy in the near future—either it’s an auto, life, home, or other insurance coverage–the fact remains that you should choose an insurance company that will pair you up with a dedicated insurance agent. Nowadays many policy holders are surprised to find that a lot of insurance companies no longer offer personalized agents, especially for those who purchase their policies online. However, there are a number of valuable benefits to having a Philadelphia insurance agent on your side rather than having to call a generic 800 number every time you have a question or concern about your policy.

One of the main benefits of having an insurance agent is never being more than a phone call or e-mail away from personalized attention regarding your policy. Your insurance agent will most likely be a local professional who will become familiar about your specific policy and insurance needs. Most agents will answer calls and e-mails promptly and can make changes to your policy quickly as well.

Aside from being easy to contact, your insurance agent can also help you save money. For example, in the event that you contact your agent to add a policy to your existing account, he or she can ensure that you receive special discounts and savings for bundling your policies, if applicable. This is something that a general insurance representative who is unfamiliar with your account could otherwise miss.

Finally, having an insurance agent allows you to build a relationship that makes you feel better about spending your hard-earned money on insurance coverage. A lot of times, agents will remember your birthday and even send you cards during the holidays. This is a level of customer relations that simply cannot be reached by managing your policy explicitly online and without the help of an agent.

If you are in the market for an insurance policy, be sure to stick with a company that will assign you a helpful, dedicated, and knowledgeable agent. This will surely pay off in the long run and make your experience as a policy holder with that company much more enjoyable. Consider shopping around with various insurance companies to find out whether or not they offer personalized agents in your area. From there, you can enjoy the peace of mind in having an agent whose job it is to satisfy you as a customer.

10 Jan 14

Gusher Pumps ...

Nowadays use of computer in not impossible for young ages and adult. It only takes one browse, one minute to find a something in the internet. Like me I browse the net when I’m badly in need of pump and I found right away a gusher pump. This is one advantages of having an internet at home, it’s so easy for me as a mom of 2 kids, and I don’t spent time going to one store to another to find things that we need.

26 Dec 13

Cute School Things ...

Scented stationaries, delicately lined notebooks, matching pen and pencil set, crayons of every possible shade, enormous pencil case and the trendiest school bag. These seem to be the essential school equipment that the cute little girls beg their moms every time school season is approaching the calendar. Though these don’t come cheap, adding a couple of penny to avail these instead of the more inexpensive version may be reasonable. How so? Inspiration. If these cute ensembles would be the only reason to get your preschoolers, then I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give in, even though it would pinch your pocket a little more than what you intend to pay for. Spending more on fancy but quality school equipments is a far better option to reward our budding pupils, say, than on giving them nutrition deprived junk foods that are bad for their health, or for anyone’s health for that matter.
26 Dec 13

Student Saxaphones for Sale ...

Students have the right to choose their own saxophone, but if I’m the student it’s better to look for and buy student saxaphones for sale where it was already proven its quality and for sure within your budget. Always take advantage of any sales offer, sales doesn’t mean it’s not good but for any other reason like; closing out sale, last unit stock. So hurry up to decide in any sales offer.